Thank you, people who just signed up for it (Curology/PocketDerm) using my referral code. If anyone wanted an update on this: tretinoin has unsurprisingly worked much better than benzoyl peroxide on my acne. It also doesn't ruin my clothes like the BP does, so I'm probably not actually spending more money.

And it is, obviously, much cheaper and more convenient than going to a real-life dermatologist for a Retin-A prescription.

In summary, still recommended for Americans with really bad acne who can't get cheap tretinoin via other methods.

Edit: Have like seven people genuinely found my code and signed up using it just today. Where exactly are you coming from.
perhaps-inevitably called "Blossom Blast."

I do not know what Flowerbomb smells like, but I really like this stuff. It's basically vanilla and tea, and then the perfumer kept adding floral/gourmand stuff until it started smelling bad? And then hit "undo" exactly once. I could spray it to ward off muggers because it would harm the muggers' self-esteem to smell like this. It is also pink.
They've all shown up now, and... yeah. Don't order green or blue "ghost eye jasper" or "choi finches" stones off eBay, or the stuff labelled as malachite or chrysocolla that look the same. I made a Mistake.

I knew they were going to be dyed, and was prepared for them to be ceramic or resin or something (doesn't look that way, actually). They're pretty, and I don't care about "realness" in terms of pretty rocks!

Alas, the con I should have been prepared for was this: literally all of them, from every seller, were photoshopped.

In the manner visible above - the saturation and contrast were bumped way, way up. Since all but one of them showed up on the same day, it seems likely that the sellers are all the same company, and the "newer" ones with fewer reviews are dump accounts.

Welp. It wasn't like I spent much on this investigation, but I'm honestly pretty sad - I really liked the photoshopped rock pictures! I may look into bleaching/dyeing them if the eBay disputes don't pan out.

I will post more photos once I’ve taken some in sunlight with a real camera, but they all do look like this, unfortunately. A sad rock story.

Sep. 11th, 2015 01:34 pm
Because I am wasting money lately, I also ordered two well-reviewed $5 knock-offs from here: I got the Silver Mountain Water one (Silver) and the Flower by Kenzo one (Red Rose), since I've wanted to try those.

They apparently got shipped to Mom and Dad's house, and Dad called today to say the he has "your weird box. Were you expecting a weird box, because one's here? It came in the mail. It's here, I've got it. It's a weird box. Should I open it, honey?"

"It's perfume, so I mean, not unless you want to smell fancy -"

"I can't hear you, honey, you're breaking up [garble]."

I have concerns.
definitely smells like Angel, but, I guess, with a piece missing? And a weird off-ish "cloudy" overtone.

...actually, what it smells like to me is perfume with "vanilla-y" notes that's been sitting in a cabinet for years. This $1 knock-off Angel might be old. How could the Dollar Tree betray me this way.
I was already in bed with the lights out, but then I thought about how I just gave the cats the last of the flea/tick meds, got worried about that because that's what I do, I worry about non-urgent problems, and got back online and researched preferred parasite practices for an hour.

Long story short, you want to get

1) a 1ml syringe without a needle,

2) a tiny glass vial, and

3) the cheapest large-sized fipronil/s-methoprene topical treatment available on eBay or Amazon. At the moment that's probably going to be the Fiproguard Plus for dogs weighing 88-132 pounds.

And then you squeeze the meds into the jar, and use the syringe to measure out and apply the appropriate quantity for your animal's size. Cats take about a 0.5 ml dose, and the mega-dog dose is about 4 ml.

So, I just spent $20 on a three-pack of Fiproguard Plus - ~12 ml - and the necessary implements, and assuming that I don't just spill it everywhere that's a year's worth of flea goop for both of my two jerks. So maybe this time when I go to bed it will take.
Her: *ends phone conversation with her adult son* He has this whole drama going on, he borrowed some money from the monastery, and he keeps calling me.

Me: Uh-oh.

Her: Yeah. But the good thing is, I took my final vows? So I gave up all my worldly possessions - not that I had many! - so now I can't lend him any money, obviously. It's like it's not my job to be the mom anymore! I get to just send him to the prioress.

Me: You have found a way to retire from mom-ery. You hacked the system.

Her: Yeah! It's pretty great.

Apr. 13th, 2015 10:23 am
I found one of those automated laser cat toys for $10, but 1) I had to spend like twenty minutes banging it on stuff to get it to start working, and 2) now that it is working, it's really loud.

It's distracting Buoyancy from his habitual acts of property damage without any input from me, though, so I guess it was a good purchase.

Apr. 12th, 2015 07:58 pm

Let us observe a moment of silence for my vision-correcting prostheses. They were ten years old.

(I’m going to get some Krazy Glue and try to fix them, because I fear change even on so trivial a scale, but the plastic’s gone brittle and weirdly-bubbly. So I just ordered a $10 set of replacements that look as much as possible like them.

For the moment I’m altering between sunglasses and my high-school-era set, which have a slightly-too-weak prescription. My face looks completely wrong. It is someone else’s face.)

blah blah

Apr. 4th, 2015 04:39 pm
Cut for a person talking about which medications they are taking.

One of the top ten worst topics. )

Mar. 15th, 2015 11:30 pm
I found a place that sells pure micro-encapsulated retinol, and I feel really tempted to buy some, mix a little in with my face goop, and see if it helps with my acne, which is driving me nuts. (There are no pre-formulated retinol creams in my price range that don't have ingredients to which I'm sensitive, so it's not something I've been able to test before.)

But the smallest size is an ounce for $30, and my max hygiene-crap price is exactly $17, so I'm having trouble talking myself into it. I wonder if I could sell the remainder on eBay if it doesn't work?

(...does anyone want to split an order of a corrosive skin treatment with me?)
Getting ready to close my checking account because their databases are a scary mess - the dates and balance numbers that show up when customer service looks up my account do not match up to my transaction record on the website, and neither matches up to the notices in the emails they send me.

They did say they were going to refund me the nonsense overdraft fee they charged me, which was what I originally called about, but the deeply unhappy person I spoke to's manager apparently instructed them to scold me for "misreading" the website. Yeah, I don't trust you people.

Dec. 10th, 2014 01:09 pm
Bad: I am exhausted and mysteriously sore all over. Maybe I turned into a werewolf and rampaged last night.

Good: I threw some garbage articles* up on an SEO content site a while back, and just accepted an offer on one of the pieces that will cover most of my Christmukkougatsu Solstice shopping, if the buyer follows through.

* "Ten Organization Tips That No One Ever Actually Uses And You KNOW That But You're Going To Morbidly Read This Shit Listicle Anyway While Beating Yourself Up Over Not Labeling Every One Of Your PC Cables Like A Self-Actualized Version Of You PROBABLY Would, 'Cause That's Totally What Self-Actualized People Do, Everything Is Labelled And They Drink Eight Cups Of Water Each Day And Have A Standing Desk And And And Ohhhhhh Godddddd."

Don't do what I did. Don't write garbage articles. It's not what the self-actualized version of you would do.

Dec. 2nd, 2014 02:16 pm
I resent the high price of salad greens with such intensity that I just spent a while researching growing some.

(I don't usually eat salad, I'm trying something new here in hopes that it helps my brain! And capitalism is stymieing my efforts!)

Nov. 29th, 2014 07:22 pm
*convinces self not to throw in adrafinil with l-theanine order, that’s probably not a good idea*


Nov. 29th, 2014 01:07 pm
I smell like cat litter because the box in which the cat litter came was messed up, and I got some on me. The litter was $7 rather than $10 because the box was damaged. $3 is thus equal to the experience of involuntarily smelling like cat litter.
1) Buying the cheapest electric kettle means the water can taste a little plastic-y. This can be addressed by, each time you use it, dumping any leftover water from last time into a glass, and putting in fresh water.

And then the old water can be re-used the next time - letting it air out for a while gets rid of the plastic smell/taste.

I don’t know why!

2) I ordered this sweater on eBay in gray; it showed up Halloween-orange. This problem cannot be addressed by airing the sweater out, so I’m hassling an eBay vendor for a refund yet again.

Also, the branch is just painted on there and is definitely going to start peeling off. Sometimes there is no excuse for my cheapness.

3) Am manufacturing certain of my Christmukkougatsu Solstice gifts using raw materials purchased inexpensively online. This is actually going pretty well, I think.

I didn’t go so far as to buy a bunch of mica and stuff and try to duplicate the boutique mineral cosmetics elongated-tito wants, though I did think about it. I could have used the extra components to start my Dwarf Fortress makeup line.

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