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* My Tumblr (currently more-frequently updated than here)

* My fanfic on AO3

I'll usually give access to anyone who subscribes/follows, once I notice they've done it. If your Tumblr username is different from your DW one and we're mutuals, could you let me know so I can put you on the Tumblr filter?

I speak passable Japanese, am a mediocre programmer, and think the Moomins are amazing. I will not design your website for you unless you pass a battery of tests which I have developed to screen out the foolish and calumnious.

I had a brain tumor that went undiagnosed for a number of years, and still have some issues, though they're no longer as dramatic as before it was taken out. Like, I no longer black out! An exciting development. But I do tend to spend extended periods of time peering dimly into some yawning, pulsating void (reminiscent of the gripping final battle in classic SNES RPG Earthbound), as spectral bells ring insistently out from an indefinable space somewhere behind me and to my leftish. So, I don't always respond promptly to comments and messages. Sorry.

Per the advice of my psychiatrist, in an effort to reduce my stress levels I will take part in stupid internet arguments only in-character as Canadian indie band "Moxy Früvous" circa 1993. The idea is to artificially create a higher bar for my participation in these conflagrations, requiring me, before engaging, to carefully appraise my priorities, and how appropriate it is to expend my time this way. It's been working pretty well for me. I have more energy, feel better about myself, and my body radiates the warm scent of vanilla and a pure, soft light.

So if I just sent you the lyrics to Video Bargainville it's because you're an idiot basically.

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The contents of this blog and all comments I make are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License. I hope that name is long enough. I could add some stuff. It could also be a Bring Me A Sandwich License.

If you desire to thank me for the pretend internet magnanimity I show by sharing my important and serious thoughts with you, I accept pretend internet dollars (Bitcoins): 19BqFnAHNpSq8N2A1pafEGSqLv4B6ScstB

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a grief which has no borders, coding, coding badly, dragon age, earthbound, gunnm, hayate x blade, homestuck, human cruelty, hunter x hunter, kirby, mother 2, mother 3, mspa, my own gently-encroaching doom, pokemon, scanlating shit, scanlating shit badly, star stealing prince, steven universe, tea, tea lies, the law, the moomins, unattainable ideals, undertale, villains, yelling, yelling sadly
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