- Tag: t: homestuck - This blog is currently pretty much only about Homestuck and my brain problems. And maybe Homestuck is a delusion I'm having! And this is just, like, some folie à deux shit when people comment on my posts about it as if they're familiar with the subject matter. So, it could be it's just a blog about my brain problems.

- Tag: Kazuya Minekura's blog - Kazuya Minekura, the artist of the amazing Gensoumaden Saiyuki, was diagnosed with some pretty serious health issues a while back. She's been writing some very funny, angry, honest blog entries about her situation.

I've translated a number of these posts, but have fallen ridiculously behind; I encourage anyone else who'd like to pick up where I left off to do so.

- Post: The Very Small Problem - In the fall of 2010, I was diagnosed with a small tumor in my right frontal lobe. I was able to have it successfully removed in March of 2011, before it could cause any permanent brain damage. If it weren't for the existence of state high risk pools, a provision of 2010's Affordable Care Act - which some lawmakers are presently trying to repeal - it's very likely that I still wouldn't even know the tumor was there.

This post was written specifically to make American Republicans feel like jerks. I use my power for good, people.

- Tag: manga tropes - The Encyclopedia of Manga Tropes. Girl Power Corrupts may well be how you found this blog!

- Tag: a: kubo tite - In which I roundly scold Kubo Tite, artist of Bleach! Bleach vs Women and Bleach and power fantasies may well be how you found this blog! (Both of those posts contain spoilers up to chapter 395.)

- Post: TODAY I AM A DARKOVER BOOK may well be how you found this blog!

- Post: Anne Bishop does not CARE what you think and Heir to the Shadows may well etc.

- Tag: manga - I just talk about manga a lot in general.

- Tag: books - I also talk about sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal romance novels a lot!

- Tag: i teach english - In 2009, I spent seven months teaching English to Japanese kids in Shibata, Japan. Wacky antics ensued!

- Tag: i study japanese - And in 2007-2008, I spent a year studying Japanese at the Yamasa Institute in Okazaki, Japan. Wacky antics ensued!
(Crossposted from Tumblr, which is the only place I'm posting/reading recently, sorry.)

here's an article about the revised ToS they released yesterday (April 4, 2017). You can read the current ToS in full here, and the previous one here. Basically, LiveJournal no longer permits political fundraising, and it's probably related to other recent efforts to mess up Putin's enemies' fundraising efforts.

So, that happened! And something else also happened, which that article doesn't mention:

9.2.6. The user may not, without the Administration's special permit, use automatic scripts (bots, crawlers etc.) to collect information from the Service and/or to interact with the Service;

...if they're actually serious about this - which seems unlikely - then this new ToS is a suicide note, because:

* This policy would remove LiveJournal from Google and other search engines' results. And yeah, it's really easy for them to make that happen - they could just alter their robots.txt file to reflect this bizarre new policy, and Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc would immediately automatically remove all results on *.livejournal.com domains.

* This policy would ban all third-party clients, including those which use the official LiveJournal API. (Which, in its current form, they'd probably have to get rid of.)

* This policy would ban all backup clients. LiveJournal doesn't have an official one, they're all third-party.

* If they're serious about it, and they edit robots.txt to reflect it, this policy would make the Wayback Machine's LiveJournal archives inaccessible. The Wayback Machine automatically blanks out all earlier archived material when robots.txt tells them to get lost.

...now, LJ does not at this point appear to have updated robots.txt, and the API does still seem to be in operation, and literally fucking hiding from Google seems a little too dumb even for them? So, I'm going to assume for the moment that they're not serious.

Nonetheless, the fact that they even put this line in there is alarming, because it indicates they're dumber than we thought!

So, I'd personally be extremely grateful if some people with a few spare terabytes of space would get copies of the Wayback Machine's LJ archives before my fucking heart gives out? That's a LOT of fucking data that could be lost if they're dumb enough to enforce this.

...how long has their HTTPS been broken, christ.

Apr. 30th, 2016 08:43 pm
Best-selling authors Laurell K. Hamilton and Larry Niven have teamed up to bring you the ultimate in boring xeno orgies with: Vampire Fuckmoon Planetworld.
I'm sorry, I haven't done that yet, I am catatonic + mildly phobic of the post office. Soon. I promise.

(This. Is not an April Fools thing. I'm sorry.)

Mar. 21st, 2016 03:25 pm
I just had a semi-planned minor surgery and am presently still stoned and sore, so I if you are expecting communications from me please expect delays.

Cut for what the surgery was (and I am posting this here and not Tumblr because it's gross and Tumblr doesn't respect cuts).

Read more... )
because I'm tired, and thus most of my internet communications have been via the tablet while lying in bed. Sorry. My crossposter obviously still isn't done, and the IFTTT Dreamwidth-to-Tumblr one I was using before is too glitchy and hands-on for my current sluggish state. I may try a Tumblr-to-Dreamwidth one instead.

My main Tumblr is just snarp as usual, and my reblogging-stuff-only one is prospitianEscapee.
Here is a story about his abilities that I think is pretty interesting! And also depressing. Also that.

Warning for death. )
Mom got me a nice winter coat from LL Bean, which doesn’t fit, so I am returning it for a different one. Any reason I shouldn’t have them refund the money to her card and buy a coat off eBay? (I told her I was probably going to do this.) Is Primaloft actually significantly better than Thinsulate, etc? Is it possible to pirate Aerogel yet
Bugs don't actually ever "develop a resistance" to pesticides, right? The fleas aren't actually "getting immune" to the old pet flea meds? These things aren't antibiotics, they're poisons that eat through the little things' chitin and eggshells and stuff. How exactly are you going to overcome that?

Bacteria are able to develop immunities to antibiotics that because their life-cycles are really, really short - they evolve really fast. Also, because huge populations of them are constantly being bomboarded with huge quantities of antibiotics due to Industrial Shit I Do Not Actually Understand, so there's plenty of opportunity for one bacteria to come up with a helpful mutation to resist a specific antibiotic and reproduce a lot.

Bugs don't live long, but they live at least a few days, which means population-wide genetic changes are going to take orders of magnitude longer than they do for bacteria. And they've got other places to live than on crops and domestic animals, and we're not spraying pesticides in the forest or giving flea pills to deer.

So I feel like if bugs are "learning" anything on a genetic level, the majority of survival-conducive mutations that actually get passed on are going to be the ones that tell them to stay away from humans and our stuff, rather than tiny changes that make their exoskeletons a little tougher in the face of something corrosive.

Evolution likes path-of-least-resistance shit like that, right? Even if a flea all of a suddem mutates up a total resistance to pesticide X, and that mutation doesn't impact them negatively otherwise, and that flea survives contact with said pesticide and breeds, it's not going to do as well reproductively as another flea on a deer in the forest that's got another mutation that tells fleas to slightly prefer deer/raccoons/bears/etc over dogs/cats/horses/etc. The forest flea has plenty of potential mates because no one's given its deer any Frontline-or-generic-equivalent-thereof; the house flea, in a house where most of the other fleas just got massacred, obviously has fewer opportunities.

(I feel bad for the mutant flea now...)

The only way I can see the "fleas get used to pesticides" narrative making sense is if some of the pesticides actually are antibiotics, and they function by messing up a symbiotic bacteria that lives on/in fleas, and that bacteria is actually the thing that mutates...?

But even then, it would have to be slower, because so few fleas ever come in contact with flea killer in the first place.

Anyway, I refuse to buy still-under-patent flea killer anymore because the generic stuff is fine.

Jan. 4th, 2016 04:33 pm
Also I just slept >14 hours and it doesn't feel like enough.
I am naturally inclined to be a mean, judgmental jerk who writes people off entirely, which I do not like. I believe in the concept of a Bad Person fervently on an emotional level after about 11:00 PM, but not really in any other set of circumstances. So for the past few years, I've been trying to do like this:

If I find I'm thinking of someone as Bad, I try to nail down exactly what thing(s) they did that made me form that opinion.

And if they're justified, I go like, "okay, but what specific area of Badness is this?" And I try to recategorize the person, in my brain-spreadsheet, as "Cannot Presently Be Trusted To Make Decisions In This Area": and then there's a sub-table containing the list of things they are Bad at. If I have the mental energy for it, this table includes the dates of last observed failure of judgment, because maybe [name] has learned a valuable life lesson about [not hurting [category of person]] in between [date of last observed failure/defense of earlier failure matching category and] and [today's date].

(Spreadsheets obviously aren't the right format for this, maybe it'll get easier once I'm better at SQL.)
The Hamilton fandom is basically the American version of the Shinsengumi fandom.
I spent the week house- and pet-sitting for my parents, and except for pet-wrangling and some IT stuff, I spent every motile moment cleaning.

They are really bad about cleaning, okay! They have one of those huge wheeled garbage bins, and I filled it all the way up.

I did about ten loads of laundry, mostly bedding, because Dad leaves blankets lying around everywhere in the winter and the dogs lie on them. They came back late last night. I hadn't yet gotten the last load out of the dryer and into the closet before I went to bed - this load contained a blanket Mom likes and their good flannel bedsheets.

Obviously, when I got up this morning he'd 1) put a pair of his muddy shoes on the table and 2) put the contents of the dryer on top of the shoes.

Fuck this

Dec. 12th, 2015 06:59 pm
Anyone have suggestions on getting (fairly deeply-inset) stripped screws out of the back of my laptop that don’t involve a soldering iron?

There is no way i can safely use a soldering iron in the vicinity of my laptop. My ordinary levels of hand-shakiness quadruple just thinking about it.
but if you present Ophelia's madness as any less of an act than Hamlet's is, you're doing it wrong.
is not something I can do. I'm demonstrably okay with buying my own medications that way - though most kratom vendors prefer Papyrus or Lucida Handwriting - but I cannot do the same to the animals.
* My Neighbor Totoro

* Moominpappa at Sea

* Please Save My Earth!

* Steven Universe

* Avril Lavigne's Make 5 Wishes Graphic Novels

* this dream I had back in August

* Cold Comfort Farm

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