By which I mean my face. My face is the problematic face. I know I've been whining more about it than usual lately, but that's actually because I've actually had fewer lumpy painful crises than usual. They feel less fair now.

The reason I am investigating the Korean skin-care fandom is that I accidentally duplicated a part of "The Process" a while back, and found that it seemed to help.

What I did a couple mornings in a row while very groggy:

Cut for boring. )
Thank you, people who just signed up for it (Curology/PocketDerm) using my referral code. If anyone wanted an update on this: tretinoin has unsurprisingly worked much better than benzoyl peroxide on my acne. It also doesn't ruin my clothes like the BP does, so I'm probably not actually spending more money.

And it is, obviously, much cheaper and more convenient than going to a real-life dermatologist for a Retin-A prescription.

In summary, still recommended for Americans with really bad acne who can't get cheap tretinoin via other methods.

Edit: Have like seven people genuinely found my code and signed up using it just today. Where exactly are you coming from.
With the caveat that I only just signed up for this, and that it's only for the US and doesn't cover all states: PocketDerm looks really cool?

You fill out a form and talk to a dermatologist online, and they periodically mail you prescription-strength acne/wrinkle goop, which is included in the $20/month subscription cost. (They'll also write prescriptions for oral stuff, which you take to a pharmacy as normal.) They formulate the creams themselves, but they typically contain Retin-A/tretinoin, which is considered The Best Skin Stuff.

It's $20/month including the cream, which is not much more than I'm currently paying for kinda-functional OTC acne cream. (I live a very sad life.) If you use a referral code ( you get the first month free, and the referrer (me) gets a $10 credit.

Mar. 15th, 2015 11:30 pm
I found a place that sells pure micro-encapsulated retinol, and I feel really tempted to buy some, mix a little in with my face goop, and see if it helps with my acne, which is driving me nuts. (There are no pre-formulated retinol creams in my price range that don't have ingredients to which I'm sensitive, so it's not something I've been able to test before.)

But the smallest size is an ounce for $30, and my max hygiene-crap price is exactly $17, so I'm having trouble talking myself into it. I wonder if I could sell the remainder on eBay if it doesn't work?

(...does anyone want to split an order of a corrosive skin treatment with me?)
I kind of wish oil cleansing didn't work as well as it does. It takes a long time, I have to be careful doing laundry because the oily washcloths can't go in the same load as everything else, and if I do it at the sink I have to take my shirt off in the cold bathroom to keep it from getting oil-stained. When I do it in the shower I end up spraying down and scrubbing the bottom of the tub every time, because I hate the feeling of the oil on my feet.

Damn you, olive oil. Damn you for almost completely clearing up my zits. Why do you do this to me.
1) Basically, you can't! It's impossible.

2) Stop using all cleansers, even the ones on the list that usually work. They're all too irritating now. Use oil:

a. Either take off your clothes for this or wear something you don't mind getting oil-stained. Wear a shower-cap to oil out of your hair.

b. Dump some olive oil and castor oil in your palm, rub it on your face, let it sit for a few seconds.

c. Wipe it off with a warm wash cloth.

d. Rinse some more with cold water on the wash cloth.

e. Your face is still a little greasy. It's supposed to be.

3) Stop using all moisturizers and sunscreens, even the ones on the list that usually work. They're all too irritating now. Use oil:

a. Put a couple drops of jojoba oil in your palm.

b. Get the other hand wet with cold water.

c. Rub your hands together, then rub oil/water mixture over your face.

d. Pat dry with a towel you don't mind getting oil-stained.

4) Your face is still dried out and bleeding at the edges of the mouth and stuff by two PM, and this has only made the acne problem slightly better.

5) Complain to psychiatrist.

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