because I'm tired, and thus most of my internet communications have been via the tablet while lying in bed. Sorry. My crossposter obviously still isn't done, and the IFTTT Dreamwidth-to-Tumblr one I was using before is too glitchy and hands-on for my current sluggish state. I may try a Tumblr-to-Dreamwidth one instead.

My main Tumblr is just snarp as usual, and my reblogging-stuff-only one is prospitianEscapee.

Sep. 8th, 2015 10:33 pm

I bought this perfume for the bottle because it makes a perfect Freya idol for my altar. The juice in the bottle is sweeter than any candy made with mere sugar. If I were a star the business execs in charge of my perfume line would be furious with me because I wouldn't slap my name on any old chemical smelling prosaic product to maximize profit. But then perfume is special to me. I don't think Nicki Minaj upset the business execs.

- a review of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday perfume on Fragrantica, by user winikrose
This review belongs in MoMA, unexplained, as the little caption plate under the display with the bottle. All around the pedestal: offerings.
They nominated one person who, upon realizing who they were and what they were up to, turned down the nomination: a reviewer/essayist named Matthew Surridge. So I went to his blog and looked at some of his stuff. He's pretty good!

He wrote a really thoughtful review of The Changeling Sea that does a better job than I ever have of explaining Patricia McKillip's Whole Thing. If I have failed to convince you to try her stuff (I have, I'm bad at positivity), please go read it! So this guy can convince you.

and then you can write me Homestuck/Ombria in Shadow crossover fic, seriously someone needs to do that, it would work SO WELL
Link Removal Request

From: Keith Terrell (



We recently reviewed all the links pointing to the MelbourneIT website, and found that you currently have link/s to us on your website,

While we appreciate your support, our online marketing team has requested that the links listed below be removed if possible, as they no longer

comply with the guidelines set out by the various search engines.

The page/s of your website that we found links on are:

We appreciate your time in reviewing this. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems locating the links.

Kind regards,

The link in question is on one of several extremely critical posts I've made about Yahoo and MelbourneIT's unethical business practices. MelbourneIT provides Yahoo's horrific domain registration services.
rachelmanija asked me for an explanation of the pseuicide situation. I've seen a lot of people on Tumblr who are also confused, so I'm posting an edited version of my response to her.

(Note that I wrote this around midnight on New Years - a good way to celebrate! - and some of the credulity has died down since then.)

So. A bunch of Tumblr users recently pretended to attempt suicide due to "anonymous hate." They then either "miraculously recovered" or revealed that their "account was hacked."

People affected by this plague of undeath:

* cwinchster2000
* kingfrerin/Anthea/brvnner
* d—e—s—t—i—e—l
* randomawkwardawesome
* queen-of-the-rising-demons
* paintedcastiel/insecurecharlie
* simormonroe + wearejustalike
* whiskeyjensen
* chesnutmisha
* spnpie1967/anonxdlol (1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Other sources: 6, 7)
* mopeters1954
* rainbowcas (didn't go through with the “death,” but has the funniest implausible narrative and was clearly the inspiration for some of the others)
* someone who plagiarized Leelah Alcorn's suicide note in an apparent attempt to equate the "harassment of fandom" to transmisogyny, which I'm not linking because it crosses a line for me.

These are all members of the Supernatural fandom. What we're seeing here is basically a case of mass hysteria caused by a cascade of people

1) faking anonymous hate mail against themselves, generally mentioning personal vulnerabilities and urging them to commit suicide in very specific ways,
2) after responding to their enemies for a while to build up the tension, faking suicide due to their intense distress over the anonymous hate,
3) successfully acquiring the attention and followers they wanted during this period and the necessary hospital drama narrated by a nonexistent person,
4) miraculously being resuscitated and/or claiming to have been "hacked" by bad guys, and
5) thus inspiring others to imitate the project.

Because people actually are buying the hacker story. It's a Christmas miracle.

Most of the "anonymous hate" is very, very obviously from the people to whom it was addressed. Or, it should be obvious! But a lot of the SPN fandom on Tumblr doesn't recognize these tactics! They're too young and are disengaged with the fandom lore, or else they're getting it from Andy fucking Blake of all people. (He's trying to "reach out" to the kids who committed pseuecide right now.)

Read more... )

(Here is a blog where I'm saving my "favorite" posts from the tags, and here is the first post I made about the situation.)
Winners are the ones whose fucking arms have fallen off by the time the cookies are done.

I just spent an hour and a half preparing the dough for these chocolate chip cookies, deviating from the recipe only in that 1) I obviously do not have a stand mixer, because I am an armless winner, and 2) I used chocolate chips instead of chopped baking chocolate. The recipe dirties three bowls, two whisks, and a saucepan, and the dough needs to spend the night in the fridge.

There's a lengthy article explaining the chemical rationale behind all these steps. I shall learn tomorrow whether to take chemistry seriously.

Dec. 19th, 2014 12:03 pm
I circled a pixel in a Homestuck panel and posted it on Tumblr last night, and it's going to outstrip everything else I've ever posted there in terms of notes. I can feel this coming.

It's gotten like a hundred more notes since I started writing this.

I hope the tea lies post comes back to life.

Dec. 8th, 2014 03:27 pm
If you are the specific sort of nerd who both 1) takes OTC anxiety supplements and 2) is too lazy to want to deal with them in bulk powder form, this is the cheapest I've seen 200mg l-theanine capsules in a while - ~$8 for ninety if you use the coupon code on the front page.

(L-theanine is the stuff that is in tea but not coffee that prevents the tea from making you jittery/anxious like coffee does. My personal diet-and-gloom tracking spreadsheet, which is a thing I have, indicates that when taken with breakfast it's also good as a flip-out-preventative measure even on days I don't consume caffeine. Not useful if I'm already having a meltdown, unfortunately.)
Still pretty much just on Tumblr.

I'm just posting because I've spent much of the past couple days yelling about my Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle reread, and that's kind of the only thing I've written lately that I think likely to interest anyone following me here and not there.
Searching for "self-publish" or "ebook" or something on Kickstarter, and looking at the projects that didn't get funded.

The stuff by teenagers doesn't bother me - excitedly asking the internet to fund a print run for your awesome book that's almost a whole hundred pages long! strikes me as a pretty healthy thing for a kid to do. But the adults...
I found the best thing on Etsy.

These beautiful rings were part of a week long spell casting that was conducted during the Transit of Venus!

This rare occasion has been marked in history as the beginning of the BIG SHIFT.


The big shift is the awareness that is permeating our World. Humanity is undergoing a fundamental evolutionary change in consciousness, that is raising us to new levels of awareness.

According to numerous sources, the Earth plane experiences some sort of vibratory shift, or evolution in conscious awareness, approximately every 2,000 years. THE TIME IS NOW!

The time for something. For things. To, happen?

Inexpensive-looking ring with a blue stone

If you lack love, money, ambition, motivation, or resources...... this is the item for you!

This ring will help you to revive strained relationships and help you form new beneficial ones.

It will aid in normalizing your bodily functions and help you to finally lose weight and become healthy.

Translation, "my business preys on the mentally-ill and scared."

I appreciate how they're expending all these words on how magical the ring is, but never explain who or what is haunting it. That was the most important word in the title! You can't leave us hanging! Is it haunted by a person, or an animal, or are we talking a fire elemental or incubus? You're charging $80 for the thing, you need to provide a genus or Pokemon type.

This one's $200: Haunted Ring djinn genie jinn Goddess Freyja Love sexuality beauty fertility and WEALTH.

Freyja realizes that wealth can also play a tremendous part in making your life easy and happy, so she draws forth riches in your name.
She is not a stingy Goddess. She will reward you over and over with the deepest desires of your heart.

Beautiful Clothing
Expensive Jewelry
Shiny Cars
Lavish Vacations
Gormet Foods

Are given abundantly by this Beautiful, Goddess!

Please do not delay your purchase!

Excuse me, but I see no explanation of how and why Freyja ended up sharing a ring with a djinn. That story deserves a fucking novel. Probably by Marjorie Liu.
which is, of course, a work of fiction. The blog is part of an ARG, which so far consists mostly of IRIS throwing out encrypted files leading to clues elsewhere on the internet. So far two other AIs have been discovered.

But a lot of the people following and commenting on the main blog still think it's real. I don't think that's going to last much longer, but right now I'm simultaneously horrified and fascinated by the reactions this blog's getting from gullible people.

I've been posting about this a lot on Tumblr, but will probably not be crossposting that stuff over here.
This poor guy. And there are so many Kickstarters like this - people who got a deceptively-worded letter from a vanity press, who are now desperately trying to raise money to get their book "published."

I kind of want to come up with a form letter to send to people like this, suggesting that they just start a blog. Or at least go to a PoD or online press, that's not going to lie to them about what kind of transaction this is.
Stop it. Stop. The New York Times is not somebody's Tumblr, they don't get to get away with unsourced-GIF-set-based reporting.

I'm pretty sure the original source for their "69% of extra-virgin olive oil is adulterated" is this single 2010 study from UC Davis, which did not cover the entire country. I'm also pretty sure that the NYT doesn't know that this was the original source. Because there was a 2011 follow-up that gave even more alarmist numbers, which they (and everyone else writing panicked articles about olive oil) would doubtless prefer.

Also, apparently it is a Bad Thing that some olive oil comes from countries other than Italy? (Do we trust Italy to behave itself all of a sudden, is it a bastion of consumer faith now, when did that happen.) That big study about the effectiveness of a Mediterranean diet in preventing heart disease - the one that is the reason a lot of people care so much about this in the first place - used only Spanish olive oil.

And I'm going to stop researching olive oil now because I need to go to bed and it is a stupid thing to be mad about.
I continue to be fascinated by this sort of stuff.

The unkindly-named Sheep Marketplace is gone, taking all the money in escrow down with it. Its creator claimed that they'd been hacked, but the online stoner consensus is that he/she is the actual culprit. Its name had long been a source of suspicion as to the owner's motives, but that didn't stop people who wanted drugs from using it when Silk Road went down. Addiction: not good for your risk-assessment skills.

A longer-running site, Black Market Reloaded, is down for an ostensibly temporary break due to security concerns. You will be unsurprised to learn that it was preceded by another defunct site called "Black Market." A third, Silk Road 2.0, was open only briefly before their servers were overloaded with traffic fleeing the other two.

This site's owner, who I guess I'll call the Dread Pirate Roberts 2.0, put up a note blaming the Tor protocol for the problem. This is plainly not the case. If it were, then the original Silk Road, which must have had much greater volumes of traffic, would not have existed.

What's especially fun about all this is that the absconding Sheep owner suggested that their users move to yet another newly-minted alternative illicit marketplace, Tormarket. Tormarket quickly posted an unhappy-sounding message saying that they had nothing to with Sheep and asking that Sheep take that recommendation down: "This is the worst PR we can get right now. Please admin remove the link. Please."

The subreddits on the subject are, as when Silk Road was seized, a tragicomedy - lots of people trying to figure out where to get their next hit, other people mocking them, others muttering darkly about conspiracies and assassinations. There's a debate raging as to whether Tormarket is the Sheep owner's latest con, or whether it's actually a fifth site called Pandora, and the link to Tormarket a strategy to blacken its competition's eye.

My pretend internet money's on Pandora as the honeypot, if you were wondering. Similar aesthetic sense in terms of names.
From james_nicoll:

Rob Ford goes berserk

Toronto City Council broke into chaos Monday afternoon after Mayor Rob Ford seemingly charged towards a spectator in the galley, knocking over a city councillor in the process, after his brother Doug Ford screamed "scumbags" at the public.

The mayor took off running after his brother got into a verbal argument with the crowd, hitting Councillor Pam McConnell, knocking her backwards, before catching her and helping her steady herself.

Me: I think Toronto is actually somebody's Dwarf Fortress session, as this is a common problem with my dwarven mayors. We'll know know for sure if Ford takes off all his clothes and runs gibbering into the very teeth of a goblin invasion, but I'd advise Toronto to cast him down into the unexplored caverns which lie below it before things get to that point. More efficient use of resources.

And if no vast unexplored caverns happen to lie beneath Toronto, then, well, that's an example of poor urban planning, right there.

Someone Else: There are indeed vast caverns beneath Toronto, but they're mostly pretty well documented.

And human-built, too, if memory serves.

Me: Dig deeper, and more greedily.

Another problem I'm seeing is that they chose a mayor with a really inconvenient material preference. Cocaine is an import item, and it's not cheap! This could have been avoided had the city chosen to elect a pot-smoking or alcoholic mayor, given that both of those products can be produced locally, and at minimal cost.

It might also have helped to make certain that his tables, chairs, and weapon racks were made of his favorite sort of wood/metal and adorned with his preferred jewels, that he always had a supply of his favorite food easily available, and that caged animals of which he was fond were placed where he could easily see them.

That is, if he wasn't a mosquitomen kind of guy! I don't think those are local, either.

And this should be obvious, but your mayor should always be kept indoors, well away from sunlight and rain.
because some of it relies on Tumblr-reblog formatting and I have been too tired to convert it, upload the images to my own server, etc. So if you want to know every time I lose my shit about fake health facts and cruel video games, you may want to go over there.

In the interests of having some exclusive content over here, too, I will tell a story about my tiny dog. I have a tiny dog now. I found her at the school - someone had dumped her there with an injured leg and her ribs showing. So, she lives here now, and if I ever find out who did that I will injure them. She's good at calming down Dad's big neurotic dog, and likes to sit quivering in people's laps and look at them with wide trembling brown eyes.

However, she is still not full-grown, and still likes to chew things she shouldn't. She ruined my one good pair of flats, Mom's favorite slippers, Dad's sneakers, and somehow a dog bed that weighs more than she does.

As a result, Mom and Dad got her some toys. One of them was a white stuffed yeti that squeaks. Being a determined and inquisitive tiny dog, she decided that she had to get at the squeaky thing and put a stop to its plans once and for all.

The thing is that the squeaky thing, which is a little rubber ball, was sewn in place with bright red thread. This had to have been intentional on the manufacturer's part. I'll be walking through the living room, see a little white thing, and go "oh my god someone's killed a white cat - oh, never mind, it's just the yeti." She's carried some bits of the toy's filling to corners and stuff, and I'll see those, think they're feathers, go, "oh my god someone's killed a white bird - oh, never mind, it's just the yeti."

Yesterday she finally succeeded in entirely removing the squeaky ball from the yeti's body, all covered in red thread like fresh blood, tearing out its heart. In a wild display of triumph, she ripped off her doggy sweater, and moved a pillow off Mom and Dad's bed to sit on like a queen. She then started shivering and tried to climb inside my sleeve, because she doesn't have enough body mass to keep herself warm in cold weather.

Me, cleaning up the yeti guts: Well, at least that fluff's not from the pillow.

My dog has killed the last yeti, and I find this preferable to most of the alternatives.
Preserved here for posterity.

' review, by ljc79 )

At this point, I noticed that the ljc79 account had been deleted. I wonder why.

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