and then extended the middle section after I woke up:

There's no blackout after Flint finds out about Hinawa. Dawn comes, and you now have control of Lucas. Also, it's autumn, and the rain is sleet, and the woods are covered in frost.

Claus tells Lucas he's going to kill the Drago. Lucas has the choice of either promising to keep it secret, or going with him.

If they go together, they find Hinawa standing next to Lighter's burned house talking to the mouse. She acts as if nothing is wrong. Her chest has a little blood on it, and she's wearing lipstick.

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Deep sigh.

Oct. 7th, 2015 09:10 pm
Will Undertale notice and do anything weird if I alter my HP really high or something? I would be very surprised if I manage to finish not-fighting not-Meenah before my wrists degrade into not-wrists.

Edit: I sent Temmie to college... By altering my save file so I had a lot of money.
This is a game that is trying really hard to hurt you, and does it in a lot of big dramatic ways: all the child and animal abuse and abandonment, dead Mom flashbacks constantly, the object of the main quest is to personally kill your most trustworthy allies before the other guy inevitably gets to them, etc etc.

But the part that always ends up hitting me hardest is how bad you feel for the Pigmasks. It's a little thing, but it's there all the time. They're that group of fanatical followers of evil you see in a lot of games that you're not normally supposed to care about hurting - you almost never see their faces, they don't have names, they spawn the same way monsters do.

But they're scared and confused from the very first encounter, and they're childishly thrilled to get to wear these goofy outfits, and they love kids. Lucas keeps infiltrating them with the aim of destroying their organization, and they're so trusting and enthusiastic that it works immediately even when they don't mistake him for the Masked Man - they think every little boy wants to be a Pigmask when he grows up! They're so cool and they have so much fun! The worst part is how protective they are of him during the chimera segment, while that creepy music with the terrified oinks is playing.

I avoid fighting them whenever possible, basically. Follow your dreams, pig-furry cultists.
Do a search of everyone's gmail and give us a list of all the people who started using the phrase "would you kindly" in business/legal/personal communications around 2007-2008.
* Swamp + Energy != Life. You have loads of other elements that make more sense than Swamp there. Stop it.

* Plant + Time != Tree. Not every plant turns into a tree, my childhood spider plant never turned into a palm tree with coconuts. Don't stir up these painful memories.

* Why do you get Stone from Air and Lava, but Obsidian from Air and Water?! Either make them both Perfectly Generic Stone or make them both Obsidian! This is unacceptable.
Even when I mess with Cave Story so the dude's got over 200 HP, I still can't make it through the Egg Corridor.
Using Construct 2, is there any tidy or untidy way to load

1) external tilemap files, like Tiled ones, and

2) external tilesets and spritesheets

into a project at runtime?

Like, if you just wanted to set up the physics in Construct 2, and swap out some files called map.txt, tiles.png, and sprites.png from a folder.

(Yes, I know that this is literally what Crafty/Impact/etc are for, but the project I have in mind is very tiny and stupid, and I don't have the energy for coding right now.)

Feb. 26th, 2015 01:10 am
So Kingdom Hearts is, if I understand correctly, a video game adaptation of the thing where cartoon characters from various disparate franchises come together to convince a human child not to be Addicted To Marijuana anymore
As promised here. (rememberwhenyoutried​, sadjadewithcake​, and azurelunatic​, you have not yet supplied me with characters!)


[personal profile] inklesspen​: "Imagine Dave and Terezi introducing each other to Earth-style or Alternian-style gummy worms, though."




DAVE: dude you can still put the fuckin gummy worms on trial if you want ain’t nothing stopping you



[personal profile] nostalgebraist​: "Apparently I had a DW all along and just didn’t remember it, but I still demand fanfic. Only constraint: it must involve Dennis."

This Homestuck-or-Dragon Age prompt is shockingly substandard!

GREY WARDEN: hey old human, who lives in that castle over there, and also is it full of fuckin monsters i am supposed to kill

DENNIS: I’m thirty-seven, I’m not old!

GREY WARDEN: oh my god i am SO SICK of being in a bioware game i do NOT need that information, i mean they didn’t even give you a unique facial mesh, just answer my goddamn monster castle question WITHOUT giving me your name and age and a bunch of details about your local government and your opinions thereupon

MORRIGAN: (+15 Approval)
Does this game ever stop being stupid, or should I stop now.

Will completing this quest get me approval or rivalry from Isabela? What about Fenris
Shale: So here is a question for the painted elf…
Zevran: Painted elf? Oh, that’s me! I do like that.
Shale: Am I to understand correctly that the painted elf is a “crow”?
Zevran: Not literally, but… yes. I am a Crow.
Shale: As in a bird.
Zevran: Is there another sort?
Shale: So the painted elf assaults helpless statuary with its feces?
Zevran: If given sufficient cause, why not?
Shale: That is outrageous! The painted elf will stay away from me. Or else.
Zevran: (Sighs) I get a lot of that.

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Feb. 9th, 2015 05:24 pm
Is there a DA2 mod that fixes it so Hawke doesn’t run “sexily,” which apparently means “knees tied loosely together”

Edit: Found it.
#hypnagogia #dragon age #flight rising #dragon quest #spyro #warcraft

Feb. 7th, 2015 10:56 am
Dreamed that Fenris refused to participate in a DLC campaign which had been written by Paarfi.

Hawke: dude no

Hawke: you can’t just leave the party because you don’t like the *narrative voice*

Fenris: i definitely can

#Also Kefka from FFVI was there #which actually makes more sense now that I'm awake.
So obviously the canonical DA2 ending is the one with the most bad conversations and avoidable emotional strife, so Hawke should hatefuck Anders and then tell him and Sebastian both to fuck off.

But I like the Isabela romance best; she just seems like the best fit for sarcastic!Hawke, in terms of emotional maturity and tidily-convergent personal histories.

But I also do not want to break Isabela and Fenris up, because they’re pretty adorable together?

But I also also do not want Fenris to be by himself post-game, because that is his whole Positive Character Arc, being able to feel a sense of belonging in this awful little social group?

But Isabela also feels exactly the same way, she’s just somehow even more brain-fucked than the amnesiac elf and never quite expresses it openly?

Basically, it should be possible for Hawke, Isabela, and Fenris to all be married simultaneously post-game. Like Hawke’s insistence on also making out with Anders sometimes was the only thing that stood in the way of this triple-marriage, and now that he’s fucked off they can be happily self-destructive shitheads on Isabela’s boat together.

(Has anyone written fanfic for this)

#also agender hawke should be possible #afab so as to have grumpy half-elf babies #who will turn out to be mages #causing fenris brain problems #isabela wants to use them to blow up qunari #'let's go find merrill to train our children in how to wreck shit' #hawke is like 'maybe not merrill but yeah that sounds okay' #fenris climbs up in the crow's nest and doesn't come down for like days #urinates on isabela's head and stuff

Feb. 5th, 2015 09:34 am
Is Varric ace, or did he just edit The Actual Bianca out of his story because he initially wasn’t sure how far Cassandra wanted to take the Scheherazade thing?
I just played through the mage Warden origin for the first time. Hahaha wow.

If he lives through DAI (and I know nothing about this except that the lyrium consumption thing finally becomes plot-relevant) then I guess logically in the next game he’s a sad *werewolf*, due to Teresa Edgerton.

# cullen/ceilyn w/e

Feb. 4th, 2015 03:42 am
It occurred to me that there were no horses in DAO or DA2, so maybe I shouldn’t make Dorfwarden say “horseshit.”

But when I looked it up, apparently they appear in DAI? Way to fuck up a sterling horse-free record, Bioware.

# fucking horses they think they can go wherever they want

Feb. 3rd, 2015 10:44 am
CARIDIN: There. It is done. Give it to whom you will. I do not wish to hear their name, or anything more of them.

ALISTAIR: oh, we’re just going to put it on top of a piece of coprolite and say it’s king, apparently

DORFWARDEN: shut the FUCK up alistair GOD

ALISTAIR: sorry bad assumption are we going to say the rock’s QUEEN

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