Mar. 8th, 2015

Mar. 8th, 2015 04:10 pm
I found some $1 catnip spray at the grocery and have been putting it on the scratch-toys, with the aim of getting Dubiety away from the furniture and Buoyancy away from the carpet. This has not worked at all on Dubiety, who just gets groggy and mellow when exposed to catnip - it doesn't make him want to play.

It works well on Buoyancy, though! Possibly too well. He licks and chews the things instead of scratching them. He's gnawing the scratching post like a teething dog right now.

I really like the smell of the catnip spray. I wish I could use it as a perfume! I'd probably be eaten in my sleep if I tried.
Using Construct 2, is there any tidy or untidy way to load

1) external tilemap files, like Tiled ones, and

2) external tilesets and spritesheets

into a project at runtime?

Like, if you just wanted to set up the physics in Construct 2, and swap out some files called map.txt, tiles.png, and sprites.png from a folder.

(Yes, I know that this is literally what Crafty/Impact/etc are for, but the project I have in mind is very tiny and stupid, and I don't have the energy for coding right now.)
Today I learned about ghost pills. You poop out a pill and think it didn't absorb, but it did absorb. The pill you pooped out is inert, merely a ghost of the pill it once was. A ghost which is haunting your colon.

I have objections to this delivery method. They are perfectly rational objections that are not just about me not wanting a haunted colon. I offered them to my psychiatrist, in one of my many whiny emails describing problems which she obviously cannot solve:

I think this is a really irresponsible XR technique, particularly for a psychiatric drug. I skimmed some message boards before finding that article, and a lot of people refuse to take drugs that do this, or suffer a loss in perceived effectiveness, because they're convinced that the tablets aren't being properly absorbed. It makes me wonder if the goal's just to make the things impossible to halve for market-control reasons.

[/practicing medicine which I am totally competent to do]

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