because I'm tired, and thus most of my internet communications have been via the tablet while lying in bed. Sorry. My crossposter obviously still isn't done, and the IFTTT Dreamwidth-to-Tumblr one I was using before is too glitchy and hands-on for my current sluggish state. I may try a Tumblr-to-Dreamwidth one instead.

My main Tumblr is just snarp as usual, and my reblogging-stuff-only one is prospitianEscapee.
I feel like I was walking down the street at garbage collection time, and the garbage truck accidentally flipped a can wrong and got its contents all over me?

And then the truck exploded, and then the street exploded, and then one of the neighbors came outside to blame Obama for it, and then the neighbor also exploded, and now there's two pancreases in my hair, I don't even know where the first one came from.

Why do we complain about Tumblr so much. Have you people seen Facebook.
I stayed up most of last night working on writing a Tumblr client from scratch in Ruby.

I know I'm just duplicating other people's work here! But I had the energy/focus for coding for once, and decided that re-learning Ruby via the process of making myself a personal Tumblr client was an appropriate expression of my frustration with life. Life and Tumblr.

Dreamwidth, please fix up and document your API, so I can make this thing work for crossposting eventually.
Dang, Lois McMaster Bujold took on some FRAUGHT Tumblr-political and Tumblr-religious issues in The Hallowed Hunt. Brave woman.

Basically, she comes down against all Otherkin being irrevocably cut off from God's grace, which is an unusual stance! But she does hedge her bets a little by taking the position that they'll require a shaman to cleanse their souls after death, and that that shaman is most likely doomed to wander the earth as an unquiet ghost. Reasonable enough.

And I probably don't need to say this, but as always, none of this applies to Horsekin. Don't be a horse, kids.

Other than that the book wasn't that good, unfortunately. Too many characters, too little characterization; too much backstory, too little story.
Check out this amazing threaded commenting system, wow. It is possible to have conversations and stuff that aren't visually confusing. There are no ads for gummy worms crammed in between posts. Crazy.

Jan. 29th, 2015 09:16 am
Tumblr what the actual fuck do you have no design staff

Dec. 29th, 2014 02:57 pm
(Last night I saved over 200 fucking pages of the affectedbyhate tag, for Science Analysis, by Scientists. I have a problem.

The affectedbyhate tag is the most morbidly-fascinating thing. Most of the people posting in it are plainly not in any actual emotional distress - or, no more so than when they’re watching a moderately affecting episode of their TV show, anyway. It’s become a role-playing game with clearly-defined parameters. There are

* healing abilities (sending supportive asks)

* buffs (gained occasionally as a bonus from supportive asks or doing online anxiety-relieving tasks from those lists)

* “Safe Houses” (blogs open to requests for supportive asks - basically healing fountains?)

* missions/quests (going on Omegle to “collect information” or try to “save” imaginary people from self-harming or committing suicide)

* mobs (anon hate mail people send themselves or their friends/acquaintances, which you have to “defeat” by responding to as if it actually bothers you but you’re being brave)

* negative status effects (…the ostensible desire to self-harm. Uh.)

* loss of HP (…ostensible actual self-harm and suicide attempts.)

* bosses (hackers who “force” people to commit pseuicide)

A dreadful mass hysteria-themed ARG has generated spontaneously, as mice do in dirty corners.

…So, yeah, this is all pretty fucked-up! Insincere performative suffering of the sort on display in the tag sets a standard which people who are actually suffering cannot ordinarily meet, both because they do not know the genre rules - the genre rules now on in effect are quite strict - and because they do not have the energy to put on a little show.

(See also: people who are so emotionally affected by the constructed narratives of cancer fakers that they don’t care about actual cancer patients. The actual cancer patients are not telling the story right. There need to be, like, photos of your bald head while you wanly hug a pink stuffed bear with “Susan G. Komen” embroidered on there! Come on, step up your game!)

Also, depressed kids who do not realize that this shit is constructed might be influenced by the contrived air of despair and apparent normalization of self-harm and suicide attempts to actually hurt themselves.

While most of the people actively posting in the tag seem to be in on the game, not everyone who’s seeing these posts is also seeing their bizarre context - they’re just seeing their friends apparently melting down in despair.
So people on Tumblr have been reblogging this:
Scientists discover most relaxing tune ever

Sound therapists and Manchester band Marconi Union compiled the song. Scientists played it to 40 women and found it to be more effective at helping them relax than songs by Enya, Mozart and Coldplay. (read more)

with several excitable laudatory remarks attached. I've seen it go past my dashboard several times, and today I decided to actually look this stuff up. No objection to the song or to Marconi Union - they seem like a perfectly normal bunch of ambient-music dudes - but there's no science behind this.

* The organization which helped the band create the song is The British Academy of Sound Therapy. It appears to consist mostly of Lyz Cooper, an alternative medicine practitioner with no medical credentials. Her other work includes a CD intended to help with "chakra balance":

Silly-looking rainbow-colored CD cover saying Chakra Balance

She claims to have cured herself of ME/chronic fatigue syndrome by listening to specific sounds, which the Academy will presumably share with you if you book a private treatment session, in which they will help your "system to balance itself by releasing the denser energy that can hold the body in an unhealthy state." Okay, then.

* The study of the song's effectiveness was commissioned by a company called Radox Spa. They sell scented bubblebath.

* This study itself, if it ever took place, was ostensibly performed by Mindlab International. This is a marketing agency. They claim to specialize in manipulating consumers by means of something called "Neurometrix²":
Our proprietary Neurometrix² technology will allow you to make better informed business decisions, improve sales and enhance brand efficiency.

I guess it's possible that an organization that would put that sentence on their website might be capable of performing credible research. I don't think it's likely.

They have a few samples of their work on their website:

List of downloadable PDF files: Atmospherics and the Modern Shopper, Neuromarketing at Mindlab International, Store Wars and the New Consumers, Time of the Tesserac, Mindlab Case Study: Public Communications, Mindlab Case Study: A Better Way of Working, Mindlab Case Study: Social Media Marketing, Mindlab Case Study: Hybrid Television

Actually, let's zoom in on a specific document here:

Mindlab Case Study: Social Media Marketing

It's only a one-page abstract, but if you don't want to download it, they conclude that recommendations from acquaintances - such as, say, Tumblr reblogs - are the best form of online exposure.

If they actually did have forty people (not a large sample size, incidentally) listen to this song to see what it did to their brains, they do not appear to have published the results of this experiment.

* Mindlab is owned by a psychologist named David Lewis, whose Wikipedia page sounds somewhat more like a press release than an encyclopedia entry. Going to go out on a limb and say that a marketing professional wrote it. But who?

Lewis's name stopped appearing in the edits for his own article after that revision, but the pattern will be recognizable to anyone who's tried to maintain a Wikipedia article about a person/organization with a marketing staff.
In this manner, I shall determine whether the variety of Bad I feel when a black/trans teenager on the internet goes

"ugh white/cis people are stupid"

is of the same density and composed of the same materials of the Bad that the teenager would feel if I were to say

"ugh black/trans people are stupid"

- wait, haha, I just remembered that I'm an adult! Never mind, of course it's not, can I still get the deposit back on that mass spectrometer? ...Well, then let's truck it over to Sephora, I'm going to solve the Nars Orgasm dupe problem once and for all.

Seriously, though: If you are over the age of twenty-one or so, and you feel personally hurt by immoderate expressions of outrage coming from disadvantaged teenagers, then the problem is you. Kids can't moderate their output. Telling them to stop saying rude stuff is like telling someone who's got a cold to stop sneezing, or telling a drunk person to stop driving so crooked.

Barring some sort of mass alteration of human biology, as if we were in a book by Octavia Butler or Iain M. Banks, teenagers are never going to stop saying stuff that offends adults, particularly adults whom they view as being outside of their own social group. Part of being an adult is learning not to take it personally. Tell a kid "wow that's kind of rude," if you feel so compelled - but Jesus H., if high school teachers got upset about this crap, there would never be class. There be only weeping. Miserable, endless weeping.

The school district is drowned in tears because Jakey "Buffalo Man!" Spenser said something particularly unkind about white women. The kids are all confused and damp. They expected sarcastic offers of detention and extra homework, like usual. Does this mean they get tomorrow off? No, tomorrow is a special assembly because everyone has to get a tetanus shot. This is what your cruel words have wrought, Spenser. Also, your nickname is stupid, at least take the exclamation point out of there.
People in the Kankri tag who can't understand why he's disliked. Sure he talks a lot, but he's nice! He just wants everyone to get along! Porrim shouldn't be so mean to him!

I don't even know how to analyze what's going on here. Like, do these individuals have legitimately poor people skills, putting them at risk of being -ed around by the actual non-satirical narcissistic-self-righteous? Is it just poor reading comprehension, and potentially treatable by improving our troubled schools?* Or is it straight-up misogyny, and they've decided to like him because Meenah and Porrim get ticked at him, despite clear evidence that he's a mean little shit?

I don't know how annoyed I should get by people who think Kankri's okay, basically. It's a problem for me. I like my distaste like I like my kitchen scales: finely-calibrated. That was a stupid statement I just made.

* I mean, wherever-these-kids-are's troubled schools. You know what I mean. I'm an American, be grateful that I even know that the rest of you people have computers in your savage distant lands.

Jun. 23rd, 2013 07:04 pm
Muting dumbasses on Tumblr gives me an irrational sense of accomplishment. Each Tumblr-mute brings me one step closer to achieving my dream - my beautiful dream of an internet without pictures of chihuahuas evaluating women's butts.
The perfidious ones, I mean. That say stuff like "my parents will buy me a car if this post gets 1,000 notes!"

Your parents are not going to do that. That is a lie. Why are you lying on Tumblr, that's not allowed.

Why do people even want 1,000 notes on their lies? What sort of satisfaction could they possibly gain from this? I get the psychological motives behind plagiarism-type-lying and Munchausen's-by-Internet-type-lying, but I don't get this.

May. 5th, 2013 08:09 pm
(response to this on Tumblr)

I think AO3 needs the capacity to use shareable custom block filters, kind of like the ones that come with AdBlock? Like people could upload and subscribe to the “fantrolls with names like Dymond Saphir” filter, “writes the same hat bondage fetish fic over and over” filter, “coffee shop AU” filter, etc.

Actually, the internet in general needs this. Someone make me a Chrome/Firefox Tumblr extension right now.

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