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By which I mean my face. My face is the problematic face. I know I've been whining more about it than usual lately, but that's actually because I've actually had fewer lumpy painful crises than usual. They feel less fair now.

The reason I am investigating the Korean skin-care fandom is that I accidentally duplicated a part of "The Process" a while back, and found that it seemed to help.

What I did a couple mornings in a row while very groggy:

* Put olive oil on my face before getting in shower, planning to do the oil cleansing thing and wipe it off with a washcloth after a minute.

* Upon getting in the shower seconds later, forget this plan and immediately wash my face with cleanser.

* Wash my face with cleanser a second time, because I got conditioner all over my face and that feels gross.

I noticed the third day that my skin was less red and I had fewer of the big painful zits, so I kept doing it. The step with the conditioner, fortunately, seems to be skippable.

I haven't been doing it for long, and there could obviously be other factors. I switched to a cheaper brand of yogurt and a more expensive brand of applesauce around the same time. These things could be important. I could just be finally getting used to my current heightened dose of tretinoin.

But this seems to be very close to the Korean two-step cleansing thing: wash your face with an "oil cleanser," then with a normal one. Plain oil plus two rounds with a normal cleanser ought to accomplish the same things, if I'm understanding the chemistry-rationale behind this.
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