Nov. 14th, 2015

He will probably not actually invest in my mustard mines, or even post about how my mustard mines would be a good investment, but I can ALMOST CERTAINLY get him to post about how Wall Street is starting to take notice of the surprising new economic trend that is mustard mining in Appalachia, which is revitalizing dying rural communities, and coincidentally his primary source is an article which only quotes me, the owner of an up-and-coming mustard mining company.

#disruptive new mustard mining technologies, #are behind this unexpected revolution in mustard mining, #while mustard has long been known to occur in karst terrain, #the risks associated with reaching it, #(territorial dwarves, #balrogs, #mimigas, #and Flowey the Flower), #had heretofore rendered it a dangerous and unprofitable
Shoyeido Hoyei-koh + Al-Rehab Silver (the really good Silver Mountain Water knock-off) = ideal.

I wasn't initially sure about either one individually, but I combined them the other day, and now I think they're both great. Very good inexpensive Odor Experience.

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