Shoyeido Hoyei-koh + Al-Rehab Silver (the really good Silver Mountain Water knock-off) = ideal.

I wasn't initially sure about either one individually, but I combined them the other day, and now I think they're both great. Very good inexpensive Odor Experience.
to Silver Metal Lover

because I'm going to end up calling it that every goddamn time anyway it's infuriating

damn you Tanith Lee and Creed
This is the strongest perfume oil I have ever worn. I touched the roller lightly to my wrist and am now permanently a teapot.

Sep. 11th, 2015 01:34 pm
Because I am wasting money lately, I also ordered two well-reviewed $5 knock-offs from here: I got the Silver Mountain Water one (Silver) and the Flower by Kenzo one (Red Rose), since I've wanted to try those.

They apparently got shipped to Mom and Dad's house, and Dad called today to say the he has "your weird box. Were you expecting a weird box, because one's here? It came in the mail. It's here, I've got it. It's a weird box. Should I open it, honey?"

"It's perfume, so I mean, not unless you want to smell fancy -"

"I can't hear you, honey, you're breaking up [garble]."

I have concerns.

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