* The Tea Lies teas + paper horses only went out in the mail today, because I am terrible. Sorry! I included some extra stuff in there, as I presently have way too many tea sample packets lying around.

* I was translating Kazuya Minekura's blog posts for a while. People who were reading those will remember that she has an assistant blog-named Ringo, who is some kind of evil cake wizard who makes evil cakes.

Well, Ringo was at her dark work again for Christmas. Minekura's big text when the cake is unveiled says "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS."

It's a reindeer and Santa. It's not actually intended to be a Don't Hug Me I'm Scared cake.

And I missed a Ringo doom-cake for Minekura's birthday last April, too! Man, I had one job. That one's supposed to be Minekura's dachshund Kurosawa. I'm sure you'll work this out just looking at the post, but "あ" is how you write "a". Other useful Japanese vocabulary you will learn from this cake: "nori," "edamame," and "Black Mass."

I'm growing concerned that Ringo might secretly be Ukoku.

I do not foresee having the energy/visual focus necessary to actually translate these posts soon, so I would urge someone else to do so? They're probably somehow important to like. Future plot events in Saiyuki.
Pu'erh fixed the problem, because of image macros.

I spent the drive home today thinking about the trolls conquering the Witches of Karres universe. This is a worthy subject for my contemplation. In the non-Sburb AU for my fantrolls, Obladi somehow gets Yamete trapped in Worm World. I worked out all the details for this setup, including plausible Homestuckian identities for Worm World's other denizens, and several possible solutions to their problems. It's all very thematically-sound in terms of both canons.

I don't really have a good reason to have been thinking about this. I'm just not sleeping much.

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