Sep. 15th, 2015

so as sort of a disclaimer: I've been in kind of a haze 95%+ of the time for the past month or so. That SU post yesterday had been sitting on my desktop getting fiddled with sporadically since midway through the last Steven Bomb.

If I'm not responding to your posts or messages, I'm not snubbing you, it's just that I have limited uptime, and am using most of it on stuff like calling doctors/insurance and driving to the grocery store. I'm not leaving the house most days right now.

So, please assume that most of the time, I have approximately the mental energy necessary to hit "like" and "reblog" on Tumblr, and that's about it.

A while back I was driving somewhere with my parents, and Mom mentioned "The Woolly Worm Festival."

Me, being negative: Does the festival get cancelled if they go extinct?

Mom: Wow, you're negative today...

Me: Have you seen any this year? I don't think I have, and I don't remember seeing them last year, either.

Mom: ...You know, I haven't. - they're not extinct, dear.

Me: We are all doomed.

Mom: Do I need to email your psychiatrist again?

Me: No, she knows, I told her. I told her we're all doomed.

We stopped for lunch, but the restaurant was crowded and loud, and I fled outside and stood under a tree for a while. I zoned out for a while, and kind of blinked back into existence when a woman at a table nearby yelled at me.

Her: - on your shirt, honey.

Me: ?

Her: There's a big woolly worm on your shirt! It climbed right up your leg while you were standing there.

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