Oct. 16th, 2015

I'm unfamiliar with their adaptations. Anyone know if they're likely to do a better job with it than Del Rey did? Or will they just re-use the awful old one?
perhaps-inevitably called "Blossom Blast."

I do not know what Flowerbomb smells like, but I really like this stuff. It's basically vanilla and tea, and then the perfumer kept adding floral/gourmand stuff until it started smelling bad? And then hit "undo" exactly once. I could spray it to ward off muggers because it would harm the muggers' self-esteem to smell like this. It is also pink.
I can offer in return the raws for volume one of Okano Reiko’s manga adaptation of The Forgotten Beasts of Eld, which I obviously never finished scanlating.

Everyone wants those, right? Everyone cares about Patricia McKillip manga? Adapted by Okano Reiko? Everyone should care about Patricia McKilllip manga adapted by Okano Reiko.

(I cannot presently scan volumes 2 and 3; I no longer have access to a functioning flatbed scanner.)

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