Jun. 15th, 2015

Also I was running out of pu erh (is the portion of my life force not comprised by sencha) and ordered a new cheap cake thereof, but then forgot I had done so. And then I failed to go out and check the mailbox for a few days, as I do when I get into this state. So of course the tea came and sat out in the heat for days, and I condemned myself to fermented tea hell for committing one of the cardinal fermented tea sins.
I was already in bed with the lights out, but then I thought about how I just gave the cats the last of the flea/tick meds, got worried about that because that's what I do, I worry about non-urgent problems, and got back online and researched preferred parasite practices for an hour.

Long story short, you want to get

1) a 1ml syringe without a needle,

2) a tiny glass vial, and

3) the cheapest large-sized fipronil/s-methoprene topical treatment available on eBay or Amazon. At the moment that's probably going to be the Fiproguard Plus for dogs weighing 88-132 pounds.

And then you squeeze the meds into the jar, and use the syringe to measure out and apply the appropriate quantity for your animal's size. Cats take about a 0.5 ml dose, and the mega-dog dose is about 4 ml.

So, I just spent $20 on a three-pack of Fiproguard Plus - ~12 ml - and the necessary implements, and assuming that I don't just spill it everywhere that's a year's worth of flea goop for both of my two jerks. So maybe this time when I go to bed it will take.

Jun. 15th, 2015 09:23 pm
I would recommend against the experience of driving to Cleveland with my Dad while afflicted with a really bad headache + menstrual cramps and he can't find his phone charger or "Starbucks card! the gold card, you know." 1/5 stars to this.

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