(I am not actually drunk. I thought about having some fruit wine earlier, but I didn't, because I have a slight fever and that seems likely to make it worse, despite the opinions of old Japanese men buying little jars of umeshu from the convenience store in the evening and then taking it home and heating it up.

They're old Japanese men, so they probably don't ask the clerk to microwave the jar behind the counter - could potentially create social awkwardness. They take the jar home. Do you microwave the umeshu jar? If you ever microwave it, does it matter whether there's an actual plum in there? Or does the jar have to go in a pan of water on the stove, or something? The old men's wives or daughters or daughters-in-law probably actually handle this operation, if such are present.

Being several days into an illness and grumpy and restless about it affects me in a manner superficially similar to that of alcohol, particularly after dark.)

Jan. 26th, 2015 03:21 pm
I envy persons for whom drunkenness is a pleasant state, or at least an anaesthetic one. It makes me sleepy, angry, and paranoid, and I already am all of those things all of the time.

It is three-fifteen PM, I am not intoxicated, I am just thinking about this for some reason.

I can’t drive safely right now due to shakiness/shiteyes so I just called and asked Mom to stop at the store and get me some me high-calorie high-protein canned foods because I’m only eating once a day or so. I then had to specify what foods this meant because she is in her fifties and still doesn’t know anything about human or animal nutrition. This is Kentucky, we’re in an abusive relationship with lard, we know it’s an abusive one but we can’t explain why, we use the word “trashy?” The problem with this relationship is not the socioeconomic iconography associated with the food, but part of the problem is that we think it is.

That’s not actually why I was thinking about booze, it’s an unrelated thought. This is a bad post.
Like so. This is much better than actual Baileys.

When making fake Baileys with instant coffee and whisky, I recommend Nescafe French Roast instant coffee, and whatever the second-cheapest whisky at the store is. (In my case, Very Old Barton.) This is probbbably going to mean you end up with Kentucky Cream or Tennessee Cream rather than Irish Cream? I'm not sure that's something anyone cares about, once you're putting chocolate syrup in there.

I had it with edamame and niboshi, so as to make the project all cultural in nature (the beer was Kirin), but I still couldn’t finish it.

I think alcohol and I just don’t get along unless it’s totally drowned in juice or chocolate. I got a 700 ml thing of Nikka whiskey in March, and I only finished it this week. (Whiskey belongs in soy cocoa, and sometimes in orange juice.)

People out decorating graves again today. It’s been cloudy, so there were little plastic raincoats on the lanterns. I saw a woman carrying away a box of 100-yen-store incense. The store is right next to the graveyard. I wonder how much of the incense that gets burned there - and how many of the offerings at the parking-lot shrine - come from the 100-yen-store. I’ve seen cans of vending-machine coffee sitting on the graves, too.

(My incense is all from the 100-yen-store. It’s not very good? I’m wondering where around here I can buy Nippon Kodo. I’d like to try their domestic line…)

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