Aug. 10th, 2015

(one of them)

is that when I'm playing out little scenes from stuff I'm writing in my head, I now keep trying to insert musical numbers. This is far beyond the bounds of my abilities, or common decency.

me: *tries to rewrite "HOV Lane" for use by dwarf mecha pilot addressing elf wizard*

Nicki Minaj and everyone else in the world: *beat me up with my own tiny resin dragon sculpture*
If I have a pair of glasses frames, and I am in the US, and I am not in a hurry, what is the cheapest way to get lenses put in these frames?
(I am not actually drunk. I thought about having some fruit wine earlier, but I didn't, because I have a slight fever and that seems likely to make it worse, despite the opinions of old Japanese men buying little jars of umeshu from the convenience store in the evening and then taking it home and heating it up.

They're old Japanese men, so they probably don't ask the clerk to microwave the jar behind the counter - could potentially create social awkwardness. They take the jar home. Do you microwave the umeshu jar? If you ever microwave it, does it matter whether there's an actual plum in there? Or does the jar have to go in a pan of water on the stove, or something? The old men's wives or daughters or daughters-in-law probably actually handle this operation, if such are present.

Being several days into an illness and grumpy and restless about it affects me in a manner superficially similar to that of alcohol, particularly after dark.)
So: I totally understand the impulse to ship Tumblr-Or-Other-Social-Networking-Site users with each other because their blogs and personal styles mesh nicely, and talking about that privately and stuff.

But the blog's not the person, and real people aren't fictional characters, and they can be upset by stuff like that. Particularly non-famous ones who aren't used to that sort of attention.

So, it's usually not a good idea to talk about your real-people ships - even just platonic "these two Steven Universe fanartists should totally be friends!" ones - in places where those real people can see it. Some might be fine with it, but there's a big enough chance that they're going to be uncomfortable that I don't think it's smart to risk it.

And it is pretty much never a good idea to try and make your RL ship canon.

Like, if you want to point Person A at Person B once like "here's a blog you might like if you haven't seen it," fine - you've done your Potential Friendship Diligence.

But don't do stuff like:

* repeatedly reblog Person A's posts about [Insert Shared Interest Here] with notes like "what do you think, Person B? This is your thing, right?"

* repeatedly privately message Person A to ask if they've seen Person B's posts about [Shared Interest], because they're the sort of thing Person A usually responds to

* wonder publicly why Person A isn't responding to Person B's post(s) about [Shared Interest]

* in general, persistently bringing one person to the other's attention despite apparent disinterest

If these two people are really into similar stuff, and they have the same fandoms/circles of acquaintance/whatever, they probably already know about each other. If they're not interacting, it's because they don't want to. This isn't something that you need to fix or investigate.

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