Sep. 28th, 2015

because it reminds me of the time when I was little that I got hit in the head really hard with a basketball while trying to look cool and intimidating.

I was in a skull mask and black cloak that obscured my vision really badly, sweeping around the school gym. And then something slammed into my head, and I spun dizzily around several times with my tiny fists upraised. I was 100% convinced that someone had run past me really fast and clobbered me with something, and I was ready to fight them.

I presumably didn't see the ball because I didn't look down. I was looking upward in the direction of other human beings, literally all of whom could be assumed to be taller than me.

It took me several minutes of narrowly surveying the other kids, who were ignoring me, to work out that I'd been right underneath a basketball hoop when this happened. Whoever hit me probably didn't even do it on purpose.

The moral of the story is that I am constitutionally uncool and unintimidating. The End.

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