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I want some crisis situation in which Garnet reflexively treats Peridot like Steven and Peridot reflexively treats Garnet like Jasper, and they both get really uncomfortable afterwards.

Maybe Peridot gets knocked around because she tries to follow an order Steven could’ve handled but she can’t? Yeah, episode about Garnet’s feelings about Being The Authority Figure (she’s NOT the others are her FRIENDS and they're a TEAM) and Rules. Peridot is quietly resentful and sulky because Garnet should KNOW she’s a noncombatant, look at her! But fiiiiiine, you’re in charge, whatever!

Garnet is mad and frustrated and embarrassed because, like, why would you just. Try to do a thing I said. When you knew I was wrong. Garnet is NOT her boss, and anyway, bosses suck and are fake, just like RULES, you should do stuff people want you to because you TRUST AND LOVE those people not because of some fake idea.

Peridot is so insulted, like, you think I TRUST AND whatever ANYONE. I’m not STUPID I don’t trust JASPER look at all these BAD DECISIONS she makes.

And she makes this conversation even worse by conflating fusion with Bad Decisions, like disobeying orders JUST because you don’t LIKE them. This whole situation is because JASPER BROKE THE RULES JUST LIKE YOU DO.

Sapphire is so enraged she goes into full-on Be The Bigger Person Mode. The other three later find Ruby sitting sullenly on top of a screaming Peridot while Sapphire pretends to meditate serenely while encased in ice. Pearl wearily herds her five tiny children home.

(Tumblr Tags: #sugilite accidentally forms on the way back #amethyst and steven get ruby to play with them and sapphire eventually melts and joins in #peridot and pearl are sad and left out #but pearl is also relieved #garnet's back when sugilite unfuses after she and steven are done fooling around)

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