Jul. 20th, 2015

Jul. 20th, 2015 09:05 pm
Congratulations, Tumblr user blurds. All your fondest desires are being made reality (assuming that Homestuck does exist and is not just a lengthy hallucination I’m having).
I think Buoyancy's worked out that Dubiety is not coming back. He is being notably less buoyant than his name would suggest, and very clingy.

He wants to stay in the bedroom with me and wake me up every hour or so at night, I guess to make sure I'm alive; when I put him out, he claws at the carpet outside the bedroom door. When I take a shower, he sits on the sink and yowls at me. When I leave the house, he waits on the ottoman facing the front door, where he can see me right away when I come back.

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