Aug. 13th, 2015

When I see the school bus go by in the morning I try and think of ways to rescue the kids. It is not too late! It is not too late!

* Can I get the herd of wild horses down from that one strip mine and direct them to the school grounds without hurting any of them.

* Would hovering several inexpensive drones in the parking lot with scary symbols made from sticks and string under them be enough to scare the faculty out of the building, and what symbols might be scary enough.

* Buy ladybugs on eBay, maybe.
I mean, we already know they fiddle with the upcoming titles and descriptions to keep us confused. These are merely random evocative words and phrases slapped together to mess with us, none of them corresponding to any one real episode.

(Except for TBA and TBA, which will definitely be the actual titles of episodes 33 and 34. (Future Vision.))

If they are real, the ones with the most innocuous names are all about people being dismembered and screaming into the void, whereas Steven Universe spoilers (that are lies, probably) )

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