Feb. 18th, 2015

Seeing how long you can get your nails before they start breaking.

Feb. 18th, 2015 12:24 pm
If we ectobiologically combined the ASOIAF fandom with the Fifty Shades fandom, we would get a large and active Kushiel fandom, but it would be unbelievably awful.
Yeah, I didn't know they could do that, either. Turns out they can! Welp.

Anyway, you all need to switch over to talking about Digimons by midnight, EST. Wrap it up.
I feel like it's pretty common for kids to try eating dog biscuits and cat kibble and stuff - they look like cookies and breakfast cereal, it probably seems natural at a certain brain-stage.

But why the hell did I groom the cats with my tongue when I was tiny? Was I just not clear on the importance of the species divide in re: which organisms' social interactions I was supposed to be observing and mimicking?

Mom and Dad apparently never caught me doing it, because I remember that the reason I stopped was just that I disliked the texture of the mat of fur that built up on my tongue. I may have actually hacked up a hairball at some juncture, too.

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