Feb. 1st, 2015

DORFWARDEN: hey gorim do you have any jewelry that is like nugs

DORFWARDEN: like a ring with a fucking nug on there

GORIM: Well, let’s see…

DORFWARDEN: i think you need to give humans you’re gonna marry rings is the thing it needs to be a really good nug ring

WYNNE: Are you genuinely planning to propose to that young woman with a ring with a nug engraving?

DORFWARDEN: fuck you wynne she likes nugs and this shit is romantic as BALLS

SHALE: As the recognized expert at mortal romance that I am, I approve of this plan. It will certainly lead to many fleshy squishy noises that will make Alistair sad.

GORIM: I’m sorry, my Lady Aeducan, but it doesn’t look like we’ve got any. We have a lot of these elephants in fetal positions, however - if you’ll be in town for a few days, we could get one altered?

DORFWARDEN: okay lemme see those

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