Jan. 27th, 2015

Jan. 27th, 2015 02:27 pm
What the DA2 mod scene is missing is a mod which allows you to flush Anders down the toilet.

Jan. 27th, 2015 02:45 pm
In the Mark of the Assassin wait no Legacy DLC Anders is doing his “I am cursed and I curse all around me” thing, and Hawke (mine is doing the redrom option with him) says exasperatedly “Okay okay I’ll keep it in mind” and Varric says “Wow it’s great how you always make that line work.” I kind of expected to just spontaneously lose approval points with him.

I brought Fenris along for this, but he unfortunately hasn’t had much to say. But I’m glad he apparently enjoyed the sequence in which you have to beat Anders up to proceed! Just, not sure how to feel about the fact that Anders also kinda seems to have enjoyed it.
Was it totally impossible for Hawke’s friends/frenemies to be friends with each other? Merrill and Varric are the only ones who really even try, and Merrill is too confused to get far with anyone except Varric.

Obviously Anders is the fucking worst: Like two seconds after Fenris is horrifically betrayed by his long-lost sister, Anders is yelling at him about being mean to mages again. Fenris expresses despair, Hawke tries to comfort him “you have friends,” Anders goes “not me!” Apparently Anders actually approves if you betray Fenris to Danarius, but I can’t stand to watch that scene.

And they’ve known Merrill and Anders for like six years by act 3, and Fenris and Sebastian are still talking wistfully about turning them in to the Templars to be killed. Isabela literally starts a war and then leaves to let everyone else deal with it! Aveline cannot appear to stand anyone in the party, including Hawke half the time, and it’s hard to fucking blame her!

Like, it felt weird in DAO if you lost Alistair and the party just didn’t acknowledge it, but here, it feels totally reasonable if you lose Isabela and no one says a word! Because these people are not actually friends. They’re a bunch of intensely intolerant ideologues with differing ideologies and occasionally-intersecting personal goals. None of them gives a shit about the others. It’s exhausting.

Jan. 27th, 2015 11:30 pm
Can’t I just hibernate until my body is done with whatever hideous transformative process it is apparently trying to go through right now. Wake up hunched over the stinking crack in the cement floor where my now-withering taproot had burrowed deep into the earth seeking the heat and liquid stone required to catalyze the next phase of my monstrous life.

# i will have seven wings which will be useless to me # seven is too many wings # (i feel really shitty is what this post is trying to say) # (but the kind of shitty wherein i am also jittery hyperactive and ambiguously megalomaniacal)

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