Aug. 7th, 2015

*describing a Grey Warden dream* "Well that doesn't make any sense. Lapis is fused with Alistair at the bottom of the ocean."

Also: There had been an extremely tall mountain impossibly visible at the same point in the background throughout the game. If you climbed it instead of going to the Landsmeet, you'd find that at the top was the Golden City, very pretty and pearlescent and high-tech, and eerily empty and dim regardless of the weather and time of day.

Loghain had beaten you up there in search of Thedas's Denizen (sigh) and had fused with it. Morrigan and Alistair were like "okay. we're definitely killing this thing. it pisses us both off, for different reasons."

Leliana: "what. what the fuck. what the actual fuck.

i don't mind killing it no."

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