Jul. 30th, 2009

There’s no Off-House nearby, and I read that there were used clothes stores there, so I went to look for a cheap bathrobe and a couple t-shirts. This is not what Harajuku is for.

But its priorities do not much interest me.

I got an impressively ugly 420-yen yukata at a used clothing store called “Chicago.” As I paid, the clerk looked warily at me through small trendy glasses. He was thinking, “You’re not even going to do anything ironic with this thing, are you?” And I was thinking, “No. It shall become my bathrobe.”

I set out today with a resolution fixed firmly in my mind - I would not buy iced tea from a vending machine. So I kept filling up my thermos in restrooms. In Harajuku I had to go into the basement of the Wendy’s, where I likely inhaled enough tar to send me hastily to my grave. The air was gray. Apparently, in Japan, Wendy’s is for people in their early 20’s who smoke like Kentuckians, buy a lot of overpriced vintage clothing, and have well-formed opinions of the efficacy of at least six brands of hair products. I acknowledge, the Wendy’s logo looked surprisingly appropriate to the general confusion of Western and Japanese nostalgia symbols, with the occasional appropriated Chinese, Indian, and Native American stuff splashed in.

Harajuku’s t-shirts were overpriced and aesthetically insulting, and I ended up going to Wal-Mart (Seiyu) later.

Edit: I apologize, this entry is unnecessarily hostile to pretty much everyone. Today was kind of stupid.

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Please enjoy these demonstrative images relating to the Avatar casting, via kate_nepveu, originally from RaceBending.com.

(Crossposted to SarahPin.com, Dreamwidth, and LiveJournal. You can leave comments at whichever.)

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