- Tag: t: homestuck - This blog is currently pretty much only about Homestuck and my brain problems. And maybe Homestuck is a delusion I'm having! And this is just, like, some folie à deux shit when people comment on my posts about it as if they're familiar with the subject matter. So, it could be it's just a blog about my brain problems.

- Tag: Kazuya Minekura's blog - Kazuya Minekura, the artist of the amazing Gensoumaden Saiyuki, was diagnosed with some pretty serious health issues a while back. She's been writing some very funny, angry, honest blog entries about her situation.

I've translated a number of these posts, but have fallen ridiculously behind; I encourage anyone else who'd like to pick up where I left off to do so.

- Post: The Very Small Problem - In the fall of 2010, I was diagnosed with a small tumor in my right frontal lobe. I was able to have it successfully removed in March of 2011, before it could cause any permanent brain damage. If it weren't for the existence of state high risk pools, a provision of 2010's Affordable Care Act - which some lawmakers are presently trying to repeal - it's very likely that I still wouldn't even know the tumor was there.

This post was written specifically to make American Republicans feel like jerks. I use my power for good, people.

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- Post: Anne Bishop does not CARE what you think and Heir to the Shadows may well etc.

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Nov. 25th, 2015 02:18 pm
I'm going to embrace my true nature and write letters to companies complaining that their products don't have functional handles and as an arthritis sufferer, etc.
I sent this email the other day. I feel that it basically sums up the impression I give IRL. Once you have read it, you will have officially met me.

"Okay. Black tea, chamomile, lavender, vanilla, or other?

Also, is there a beige argyle sweatervest over there somewhere? I have lost my beige argyle sweatervest and it's interfering with my ability to be a huge asshole effectively."
Does anyone know of any good reason I shouldn't use Mustache, or have strong feelings either way about Liquid?

ERB, HAML, and SLIM are not acceptable for my purposes - basically every page needs to be safely and relatively-unchallengingly end-user-customizable.


Nov. 22nd, 2015 05:29 pm
my cat when I get in the shower every single morning: *whine whine yowl yowl heartbroken crying nyehhhhhh* continuously until I get back out

my cat every time he realizes I'm under the blankets in bed: *pats and experimentally scratches around the blankets for at least five minutes to make sure he knows exactly where every part of my body can be found*

my cat at dawn every single morning: *tries to claw his way under my bedroom door*

my cat when I accidentally shut him in an empty room: *peaceful and silent acceptance of his situation for the entirety of the >2 hours it takes for me to notice that he's missing*

By which I mean my face. My face is the problematic face. I know I've been whining more about it than usual lately, but that's actually because I've actually had fewer lumpy painful crises than usual. They feel less fair now.

The reason I am investigating the Korean skin-care fandom is that I accidentally duplicated a part of "The Process" a while back, and found that it seemed to help.

What I did a couple mornings in a row while very groggy:

Cut for boring. )
(With a break in the middle because I always wake up at least once in the night now.)

I was thinking when I woke up a little while ago "this is totally unreasonable why did I do this," but,

* I drove five hours yesterday, which is more driving than I've done since March, I think.

* The day before that, because Mom's been feeling bad and was out of town for the day, I decided to sterilize and scrub every single dish in her kitchen (because Dad puts dirty stuff in the cabinets and she shouldn't need to wash a dish every time she eats) + also the sink and counters + everything else I could reach that seemed to need washed + also clean the living room.

* I have also recently scrubbed down and cleaned out the kitchen and bathroom over *here,* assembled a chair and a "fantasy humidifier," and coded so much I'm dreaming about parameter mismatch error messages.

* And also I am doing IT shit requiring that I communicate verbally with people and leave the house? And most of those people are not nerds and don't understand why it is bad that to click on banner ads that say they have a virus.

* Have not commonly been sleeping through the night.

Nov. 15th, 2015 09:34 pm
I conked out for a while and woke up with the conviction that I had, at some point, seen a Tumblr audio post upon which one of the rebloggers had commented “it sounds like they got mugged by Patrick Wolf during the second chorus.”

Is this a real post. What does it sound like when they get mugged by Patrick Wolf during the second chorus. I don’t understand what that means. I want to understand.

(#help me #(it's probably not a real post) #(why must my subconscious do this to me) #(i want to hear the song where patrick wolf mugs someone)
Shoyeido Hoyei-koh + Al-Rehab Silver (the really good Silver Mountain Water knock-off) = ideal.

I wasn't initially sure about either one individually, but I combined them the other day, and now I think they're both great. Very good inexpensive Odor Experience.
He will probably not actually invest in my mustard mines, or even post about how my mustard mines would be a good investment, but I can ALMOST CERTAINLY get him to post about how Wall Street is starting to take notice of the surprising new economic trend that is mustard mining in Appalachia, which is revitalizing dying rural communities, and coincidentally his primary source is an article which only quotes me, the owner of an up-and-coming mustard mining company.

#disruptive new mustard mining technologies, #are behind this unexpected revolution in mustard mining, #while mustard has long been known to occur in karst terrain, #the risks associated with reaching it, #(territorial dwarves, #balrogs, #mimigas, #and Flowey the Flower), #had heretofore rendered it a dangerous and unprofitable

Nov. 12th, 2015 09:22 am
I need to get up and eat and shower and turn the heat on, but it is impossible. I took my meds and drank water and that was too much work for the morning.

Nov. 8th, 2015 09:49 pm
Oh and the light fixture over my desk caught fire yesterday morning so I have been coding in the dark, like the TV hacker mans who is going to deliver The News at the very last second with my button-up shirt all rumpled.

The News is that who the fuck knows what Ruby best practices for constants are. Those are basically fake.

But yeah, it caught fire and I yelled "holy fuck" and scared the cat and slammed the switch back off and called my mom.

Nov. 8th, 2015 09:05 pm
I spent nine fucking hours coding today, felt like my brain had overheated, and tried to lie down and read a stupid manga to cool it off. But the manga was too stupid and I got mad and started cleaning things. I am probably going to be unconscious all day tomorrow.
Is there any kind of across-the-board best-practices guide for accessibility in web development?

(I'm thinking about tags and whether screen readers try and ignore them and whether that harms the Authentic Tumblr Experience for non-sighted people - because some of the tags are tags, but some are instead marginalia. Or, in tanb...... slime man terminology, "marg targs."

I'm aware that that particular thing's not the first priority! It's just, for optimization purposes, I was thinking I might try to ruin the subversive thrill that comes from misusing tags by classifying some tags as marg targs and thus not trying to index by them, which led to thoughts about whether the marg targs should/could be marked up differently somehow so as to be caught by screen-readers.)

using IT skills. I accomplished a real-world work thing! Adderall is a good medication, I definitely recommend it if you are lying flat on your face unable to move all the time. I am still doing that a lot, but I have left the house and gotten stuff done two days this week! Go me.

I failed to Save The Day for the clients I visited on Monday - in fact, I failed to save even The Hour or The Minute or Nanosecond, because it turned out that they need some other work done before I can even get started - so this makes me feel better.

Nov. 4th, 2015 08:41 pm
Have lost faith in everything. Spent all morning trying to convince my cat to come clean to me. Can't lie to myself any longer, I know he's a Sith Lord.


Edit 1: Hour one of the interrogation was all feigned innocence. Flailing after my hair, pretending enmity and fear for the chipmunks - the usual tired old schtick. God, Bu, don’t you know that I see through you now.


Edit 2: Hour 3. He’s starting to crack, now. Can’t even look me in the eye. Barely pretending interest in batting playfully at the camera strap.


Edit 3: Hour 5.

"And if it were true - what would that change, really? Between us? What changes today, @snarp?"

God help me, I don’t know.

Nov. 4th, 2015 01:51 am
James Cameron, if you absolutely HAVE to make the Battle Angel movie, please set it during Last Order so Ahmed Best can play Mbadi. This man has been denied his role as The Mastermind for far too long.

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