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Tired and gloomy like usual, no noticeable withdrawal symptoms. Unless I really can't sleep tonight and wake up feeling like death, I'm going to wait until tomorrow evening to start up again. I'm going to be out finishing up with the Nascar collection in the morning and afternoon, I don't want to try something that might make me hyper beforehand. It would be very wrong for me to drop the ridiculous little cars.

There are a lot of hobbies that don't make much sense to me, but collecting faithful replicas of stock cars is just fabulously incoherent. The things are are just dangerously motile billboards for unhealthy crap - McDonalds, sugary cereals, managed mutual funds, etc - so why would an adult pay for little replicas of the things? Collectors, Quicken Loans should be paying you for the immeasurable psychic burden you take on by owning this absurd object.

It would kind of make sense to me if the cars had actual functioning engines you could take apart and fiddle with, but they're just like the little rubberband cars kids play with, except bigger and uglier. The windows and doors don't even open, and the chassis doesn't seem to have the openings necessary to install a little remote control engine or whatever.

This "Bud Light / Mothers Day 2003 Camaro" provides me with no viable means to hassle my pets, Action Diecast. Your product is a terrible failure.
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