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Though none of the people interviewed could suggest any better candidates, giving credence to my suspicion that they've never been to any other cities. You guys know that Louisville is just an hour and a half away, right? Go over there sometime and think about what's different.

This didn't really get driven home to me until I went to Japan, but Lexington is extremely hostile to pedestrians. It's kind of a cul-de-sac that metastasized. There's this shopping center where you can't safely get from one store to another without a car, because they forgot to put in any sidewalks or crosswalks. Form a mental image of this, then zoom out, imagining the city as a sort of foot-travel-hating fractal. That's Lexington!

I also hear there's a referendum on the ballot this year to change the city motto to, "Why the ---- would anyone want to ride a bus? Can't people ----ing drive?"

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