Nov. 17th, 2015

(With a break in the middle because I always wake up at least once in the night now.)

I was thinking when I woke up a little while ago "this is totally unreasonable why did I do this," but,

* I drove five hours yesterday, which is more driving than I've done since March, I think.

* The day before that, because Mom's been feeling bad and was out of town for the day, I decided to sterilize and scrub every single dish in her kitchen (because Dad puts dirty stuff in the cabinets and she shouldn't need to wash a dish every time she eats) + also the sink and counters + everything else I could reach that seemed to need washed + also clean the living room.

* I have also recently scrubbed down and cleaned out the kitchen and bathroom over *here,* assembled a chair and a "fantasy humidifier," and coded so much I'm dreaming about parameter mismatch error messages.

* And also I am doing IT shit requiring that I communicate verbally with people and leave the house? And most of those people are not nerds and don't understand why it is bad that to click on banner ads that say they have a virus.

* Have not commonly been sleeping through the night.

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