Oct. 28th, 2015

1) Run.

2) Rec me some sociology stuff about scapegoating and public shaming? I don't think I want to ask over there, it's Too Dangerous.

Written as a response to these two posts, originally posted here.

The recent shitshows in the Steven Universe and Sherlock fandoms are very hard to distinguish from the infamous MsScribe Incident in Harry Potter fandom in the early 2000s.

When we talk about that now, we talk about MsScribe's sockpuppetry, and mostly kind of forget that she was just making use of a pre-existing moral panic about whether Harry/Ginny was a racist ship. There's a reason most of her "bad" sockpuppets were stereotypes of fundamentalist Christians.

Have those bad SJW kids developed time travel?! We have to stop them! They'll create a time paradox that will destroy Homestuck! We'll all be Superwholocks!

And that itself looked like any other moral panic. It doesn't matter whether the scapegoating is over racism or drug use or child abuse or sagging pants or Satanic ritual sacrifice! It's all connected.

In general:

* To scapegoat adults, the eternal surefire winner is accusing them of hurting other people's children.

If you don't have good data to support this but don't want to make stuff up (the mark of a quitter), you can always vagueify it like so: "they're just lazy and spoiled and have ruined everything for the next generation."

* To scapegoat kids, just say they hurt more vulnerable kids!

Vagueified: "they're just lazy and spoiled and are going to ruin everything for the next generation."

Some other good options for either: Having sex/relationships wrong (don't do sex stuff online, kids, that's gross and predatory and you're going to get innocent adults arrested), being religious/non-religious wrong, or engaging in some sort of "uncleanness" in terms of personal health and hygiene, food, or where they spend time.

As a note to all you scapegoating beginners trying to get your start - ritual uncleanness doesn't work as well as it used to in most places! These days, you go after people's dietary and exercise habits, their drugs/medications, and their hygiene products, on the basis of whether they're "natural"/"safe"/"healthy" or not and whether their stuff was made by a "good" company.

(#i'm helping #and the blood libel is always a winner of course #there will never be a society that won't buy into a blood libel against SOMEONE #i rate these things internally on a scale of 0 to 1492 blood libels #the 'artificial vanilla' thing was only like a hundred blood libels #which is not very many)

Oct. 28th, 2015 04:04 pm
Please Save My Earth is good and you should read it. It will give you insights into Steven Universe, insights like, "oh they’re all rocks because the PSME aliens were all plants" and "Rose probably at least TRIED to take over the earth to end all war between humans. Maybe she actually did it? Because what is even the deal with the temple and stuff."

Oct. 28th, 2015 04:05 pm
Someone else please write the overactive-pattern-recognition post about scapegoating/call-out culture/Vriska-vs-Kankri as Bad SJWs/Gamzee being the goat. I have no brain cells left to house the discourse. They are all presently occupied by outrage about Kentucky politics and other people's Ruby code.

(#six days until we know which idiot is the governor #will it be screaming tea party man #puzzled fark-dot-com man #or a relentlessly-narcissistic early-90s-republican running as a democrat? #we lose regardless #we always lose #kentucky #is a doomed timeline)

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