Oct. 10th, 2015

Circular spoilers for Mother 3, Homestuck, and Undertale: Read more... )
Lucas’s, probably.


* I should not have named my Undertale person “Jade.” Upsetting.
Below the cut: the horrifying set of instructions I sent to a family member who got hit with ransomware.

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Priyanka and Peridot dysfunctional-team-up to attempt to quantify the limits of Steven's healing power using Modern Science. Connie gets a broken arm and Steven fixes it in front of them and makes them flip out, probably? Yeah. Steven and Connie are very confused and embarrassed and bored by this process, as befits children upon whom Modern Medicine has been inflicted.

Pearl vacillates wildly between helping/Porlsplaining and acting like the equivalent of an Antivax Mom - it's the Power Of Love and she doesn't trust you with her Steven's body and etc. Garnet passive-aggressively cheeses off Team Science by telling them the results of experiments before the experiments are actually performed, but after they've worn themselves out painstakingly setting them up. She's willing to waste their time, but not Steven and Connie's.

Amethyst is mostly just disappointed that this particular region of Modern Medicine never involves Steven eliminating into a jar.

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