Sep. 26th, 2015

First draft of my SU fanfic that I'm not going to finish because it's been rendered hella noncanonical! This is all the dialog I wrote intercut with the outline, so it does have an ending - just, y'know, in the form of scribbly synopsis bits.

Ostensibly Pearl/Peridot spadeshipping, hence the "Shovelflies" - they're butterflies that look like little spades! And they're fluttering in the background every time Pearl and Peridot interact! I didn't describe this in the story, sorry. That's what they are. They're Animes Spades.

...Buuuuuut I was kind of waiting for more Peridot-vs-Pearl characterization in-show to write those bits! So what's here is mostly Peridot and Steven being cute.

In script format because I draft all dialog-heavy things that way (and in this case was trying to write as much in the show's style as possible).

Slight tw for some really bad parenting on Pearl's part in the scribbly-synopsis bits towards the end.

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Me, on the phone: Bye, Mom -

Dad, yelling somewhere behind her: ASK HER IF SHE WANTS TWO CATS

Me: I don't want the cats.

Mom: She doesn't want the cats, dear.

Dad: No! Give me the phone, give it to me!

Mom: *sigh*

Dad, solemnly: Now, honey, listen. There are two new cats here.

Me: I am all catted out.

Buoyancy the Cat, lying beside me apparently asleep: *actually growls??? which he never does??????*

Me: ...And Bu just actually growled??? Which he never does?????? - So, his answer's also no!

Dad: Just come look at them, honey, please.

Me: Take those cats to the shelter.

Dad: No, listen, listen, they're really talented, they're smart, they were singing - they joined hands and sang the Puss in Boots song -

Me: This sounds unlikely, Dad!

Dad: They were singing together the whole way to the house in the car!

Me: This is not a point in the cats' favor.

Dad: The cats are here. They're here at the house. They're here. *hangs up*

(He will probably take them to the shelter.)

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