Aug. 31st, 2015

* a commentary-free LP of DA:I

* a commentary-free LP of whatever game you think I should watch while completely fucking zoned out and unable to concentrate like I always am recently

* if someone tricks me into clicking on a link to an LP of Magical Starsign or Wadanohara And The Moe Aesthetic or Witch’s House or Ib then I will die and rise again and shamble over and eat your whole head I swear to god
The sensory/cognitive processes which it considers unconscious and instinctive are mostly conscious and learned for me, because, y'know. My sensory shit can’t run reliably on autopilot, because that part of my brain is fucked up.

And so far - admittedly I’m only like 1/3 through - the book kind of assumes that internalized racism/ableism/etc-etc do not exist, and thus your “gut instincts” about whether a person is trustworthy will never be affected by the person’s ethnicity/wheelchair/etc-etc.

Does the guy ever back up on that? I am about to stop reading.

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