Aug. 30th, 2015

"I should get a bunch of interference mica and epoxy and make all my stuff iridescent"

edit: could you put each component of the casting resin solution in a spray bottle and just alternate

or are they too thick
*Cat sits on the edge of the tub but outside the inner shower curtain, watching me wash my hair.*

Cat: *grief-stricken nyehhh*

Me: No.

*Cat climbs into shower, gets wet, runs away.*

Cat, from down the hall: *betrayed nyehhh*

Me: Right.


*Cat sniffs my shoes, looks startled, looks up at me.*

Cat: *betrayed nyehhh*

Me: Dude. Rude.


Dad: Here, boy! Here, Buoyancy! Awww, what a good boy! Look, honey, he came right to me!

*Dad pets him harder than he likes, as always. Cat jumps onto my lap.*

Cat: *betrayed nyehhh*

Me: You made your own decision.
* The Mother's India Fragrances "Ganesh Nag Champa" incense

* Triloka "Aphrodisia" incense

* Any Shoyeido "Daily" incense except Haku-un, but particularly Kinkakuji and Nokiba

* small vials of synthetic animalic- and woody-type perfume compounds, correctly labelled with trade name

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