Aug. 15th, 2015

(the bra petulance post)

One of the new bras I got the other day was this, a Bali 3484. If this thing doesn’t fall apart or stop being manufactured, I am officially endorsing it as the C-Cup Autisms Bra.

It’s seamless, but the fabric’s texture doesn’t irritate my skin like the other seamless bras I’ve tried, and there don’t appear to be any narrow bands underneath that are likely to wear through quickly.

I also got this one, a Bali 103J, which is also comfortable (especially when worn inside-out). But it’s a lot flimsier - even if I only hand-wash it, I don’t think it’s going to last long - and also insufficiently supportive to really qualify as a bra.

(I got a Genie Bra and the Walmart knockoff thereof, too, but they’re both really shittily made - as in, I hand-washed them and the Genie Bra’s label came off, and the knock-off’s already getting stretched out - and not as comfortable as the Bali ones. $5 bras, not a good decision.)

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