Mar. 1st, 2015

Mar. 1st, 2015 03:49 pm
I swore a solemn oath, upon realizing that I was sick, that I would not engage in any self-destructive behavior that would make things worse - staying up all night morbidly re-reading stuff I know will depress me, getting in pointless internet fights, eating nothing but sugar, etc. In order to ensure compliance, I told myself I could buy a <$30 frivolous thing if I made it to Sunday afternoon without willfully fucking myself up.

I conceptualized this at time of vow as probably being perfume components or herbal tea, but having achieved my goal, I couldn't actually come up with any I wanted. So I ordered piracetam and phenylpiracetam instead. Because why not experiment on my brain. Why not. It's fucked up anyway.

You can see how seriously I actually take most nootropics in that I have chosen to categorize these things alongside lavender extract and "5th Chakra Tea."

I mean, l-theanine definitely does seem to work very well for me, but I have serious doubts about the objective usefulness of 90% of the stuff nerdjocks get excited about. I kind of wonder if the ostensible long-term memory and cognition benefits of the substances aren't actually the result of their users' spending so much time researching memory and cognition optimization strategies, and memorizing the names and structures of all the racetams, and things like that.

We need to do some testing to determine whether people get similar benefits if they get really into Pokemon and know everything's average base stats and have experimented with several possible EV-training strategies, etc.
* Weredril

* Werepixel JRPG sprite walking around in real life

* Werevinegar eel (or other roundworm, use your IMAGINATION)

* WereHDMI cable

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