Feb. 28th, 2015

Feb. 28th, 2015 04:46 am
I think the pH of my tears has gotten fucked up somehow? Can that even happen with just tears and not other bodily fluids. Maybe I'm all acid right now, it's my new superpower. The point of this flawlessly sane post is that my eyes are still watering, and the skin around them has been all dry and cracked since yesterday. It's uncomfortable and I'm going to stick my head in a bowl of oil.
I told a vegan about vinegar eels, so they had to leave the country.
(more than usual, anyway) is starting to settle down, thanks to antibiotics and other pills, but I'm concerned I may have permanently stained some household objects. With substances.

My usual doctor was closed, and I will go to the local ER over my dead body, probably, but one half of the couple who found Dubiety the Cat is a doctor, and she called in a prescription for me. I explained over the phone what was going on, which is fortunately very obvious even when my brain is doing the thing it is doing right now.

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