Feb. 25th, 2015

6:11 AM:

I just woke up feeling like I’ve had a nightmare, but there was nothing all that bad about the dream itself? All things are nonetheless saturated in despair and dread. There’ll probably be a jump scare in a second and then I wake up again.

12:08 PM:

I can’t get out of bed because

1:38 PM:

I didn’t mean to culturally appropriate sky burial, I just laid in one place so long the vultures came

2:53 PM:

I got up and moved around and did chores and now I smell like cat litter. I made the wrong decision here.
Because I don't really make enough of the necessary material public! But you know you're in a story by me when

* you are one of an Odd Couple engaged some dangerous enterprise out of necessity,

* one of you spends most of your time hiding or in disguise,

* there is a powerful figure of low moral standards with whom at least one of you, probably both, has a dangerous and probably non-platonic obsession, and

* there is something wrong with the moon.

(No one remembers how many there are or what their names are (RoYAN); it's gone for reasons you think are your own fault but you keep dreaming meaningfully about it (Karkri Bullshit); it's there and affecting the tides but we can no longer see it; its orbit has become unpredictable; there is something living on it that is not human and with which we can't usefully communicate; there are specifically Xian living on it and they are assholes; it's stuck to the top of a mountain; it's pulling your city up towards it an inch or so a year, while the city's dark twin sinks into the ground below; it's malevolent and must be destroyed; there are too many of it; looking at it in the dark is existentially dangerous and no one can go outside at night.

My relationship with the moon is best summarized by that traumatic Astro Boy story with all the dogs. My subconscious mind is convinced that unpleasant shit's going down up there and we need to do something about it.)

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