Feb. 20th, 2015

Feb. 20th, 2015 01:10 pm
Last night I had an incredibly nasty and violent dream about a war between a bunch of Kentucky appellate judges and several different groups of fairies/yokai/xian/supernatural creatures - regular American Fairy Art-type fliff-winged fairies, kelpies, tengu, and a small group of exiled sort-of-nāga-kelpies whose Queen was the human hero's BFF throughout most of the story, then backstabbed her to become the final boss.

The human woman defeated her and let her live, but shortly afterwards another group of sort-of-nāga-kelpies killed her, and the others came to the heroine to ask her to help them seek revenge, which she of course did.

me, immediately upon waking: okay that's mostly pretty cool but why the judges

me, ten minutes later: like, i would have understood dan jack combs's presence, but he wasn't even there.

me, twenty minutes later: It was a war between Courts. Fuck this bullshit, I am having my subconscious surgically removed.

Feb. 20th, 2015 09:28 pm
Mom: Who is that singer who never shows her face, she like wears masks, and in her first video she wore a big white wig, and there was this little girl, dancing...?

Me: Are you sure this isn't a dream you had?

Mom: No, I saw her on TV! While I was snowed in.

Me: So it was a *hallucination.*

Mom: No this is a real person, I just can't remember her name! Look her up, the person who always wears a mask -

Me: Banksy!

Mom: No!

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