Feb. 19th, 2015

It will not get above ten degrees Fahrenheit all day. It is -1 F right now.

I want all you Celsius users to understand that that is much colder in Fahrenheit than in your decadent communist system that makes sense. It's slightly less than -18 Communist.

It's not actually that cold inside the house? Because the house has heat! The thermostat has not allowed the temperature to drop below sixty at any time, I know this. But my joints, they do not know this. My right hand is all stiffened up and painful. How does it know that the weather is bad, when it just stays in bed or on the keyboard all the time? Is it upset about atmospheric pressure, or...? I don't know how weather-prediction arthritis-magic works, or where Papaw's barometer went. It used to be in the kitchen, I guess my uncle probably took it.

My head also really hurts, but that's because I need to finish my coffee.
Maka Albarn from Soul Eater has pretty much got to be named after Damon Albarn the Gorillaz guy.

Feb. 19th, 2015 01:30 pm
I've been thinking of getting a cheap fountain and seeing if such an object will make Dubiety more interested in drinking water like a sane cat, but because I overcomplicate all things, I kind of want to assemble it myself. All my aesthetic ideas for this cat fountain are basically "Looks Like The Land Of Light And Rain," which is impractical.
A while ago I tried entirely eliminating sugar from my diet for a while to see if that made me feel less gross, which obviously did not work. Second phase is that I baked a cake on Tuesday and am working on eating the whole fucking thing. Perhaps the Cake Diet shall be the approach which solves my problems. I am about 2/3 done and it actually seems to be helping, so I think there might be something wrong with my metabolism? Or maybe I'm a hummingbird. Will try all-nectar diet next.

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