Feb. 11th, 2015

Feb. 11th, 2015 12:25 pm
Three cats have visited the porch over the past twenty-four hours - the stray tuxedo cat, the giant tabby who belongs to one of the neighbors, and a small gray-and-white cat I hadn’t seen before.

Gray-and-white cat was extremely hungry - it was trying to get through the glass door to Dubiety’s bowl - so I gave it some food and offered to let it inside. It stepped in and let me pet it for a second, but left quickly upon Dubiety’s glowering entry into the kitchen.

If it’s still hanging around acting miserable tomorrow, I’m probably going to put it in a room by itself and then ask the neighbors if one of them had an indoor cat escape recently.
He has had the treat ball for four months and still has no idea how to use it. Just bat the ball with your paw, poofus. Just try it once? No, he will not bat the ball with his paw. He will not bat the ball with his paw even while trying to catch the Red Dot. He’s too smart for me, he’s not going to let me trick him into learning a skill.

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