Jan. 25th, 2015

1) Why is it totally impossible to use sarcastic dialog options with Anders and Fenris when they're full of shit. Why do they have to do the tragic faces. It's exhausting.

"Don't you understand my deep deep pain" yes guys you've given me a decent working knowledge of your deep deep pains by now I think. I am going to check all the shops to see if there is a "sense of proportion" upgrade available.

2) Do we find out at the end that Varric made up their tragic backstories after reading a pile of manga. In the final scene is one of them sarcastically reading the other's fictionalized lines aloud, while the other engages in dwarf tossing.

3) Merrill needs to be in the party at all times so that she can get ASD all over everything.

4) But she is wayyyyyy too emotionally immature for it to be responsible for any variation of Hawke to get romantically involved with her. Not really much in common with the way she acted in Origins! Maybe the doom mirror gives you brain problems. Tamlen just started playing Dwarf Fortress and never stopped, is what happened to him.

5) Aveline is the only character not completely off their gourd, which of course means that she is not a romance option.

6) Fenris's "Bitter Pill" questline was fucking brutal. As was Aveline's "Long Road," but that was in, you know, a different and more exasperating way.

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