Jan. 22nd, 2015

*wakes up shortly before dawn*

me: Oh hey, Dragon Age: Origins is basically grimdark Chrono Trigger, like it has the same basic narrative structure and similar plot branch points, but the alternate scenarios are fleshed out more, which unfortunately makes them less emotionally-plausible rather than more at a number of crucial points in the narrative

*goes back to sleep*

*alarm goes off a few hours later*

me: Fuck this game I hate it now

Jan. 22nd, 2015 09:13 pm
My ideal ending to DA:O is the one with the highest possible number of awful conversations, so I probably need to script a mod in which you can conscript and romance Branka.
I'm really disappointed that the women don't really have non-antagonistic conversations with each other. Leliana and Wynne are the only ones who don't actively dislike each other - Shale and Leliana have a single mostly-positive conversation about shoes, and that's it.

(And Shale seems really ambivalent about the necessity of the whole gender thing, so I'm not sure I should even count them in this unfortunate little census.)

The antagonistic discussions mostly aren't even funny. Nearly half of Leliana and Morrigan's written dialog is just them fucking competing over a male Warden. I don't understand the mindset that would make someone spend so much more time on that than on Leliana hassling Morrigan about shapeshifting or Morrigan egging Leliana on about killing dudes she's fucked. The straight men must be stopped.

Zevran and Alistair don't do the same thing, either - they only have one fighting-over-the-girl conversation, whereas Morrigan and Leliana have nine fighting-over-the-guy ones. And it would make a lot more sense if the reverse was the case? Alistair is the World's Most Insecure Man, and Zevran likes messing with him.

Whereas Leliana wants to be friends with literally everyone, and it doesn't make sense to me that Morrigan would air that sort of grievance in public. She hides away from everyone else at camp, and complains to the Warden when they ask her "personal" questions anywhere else.

On the plus side, Shale and Sten almost accidentally propose, Morrigan clearly wanted to rescue Sten specifically to get a guy she considers hate-fuckable into the party, spoilers )

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