Jan. 11th, 2015

1) Why can I generally tell a cat's gender by its face, but not a dog's? Do hormones have more impact on cats' facial structures than on dogs'? Is it just that my dad's a cat hoarder and I thus have more experience with cats?

Or are there no hormonally-impacted differences, and I'm just SHSL Luck (But Only For Guessing Cat Genders).

2) Do shorthair black cats with small white "bowtie" spots on their throats have a genetic predisposition towards allergies that manifest as hives, brittle fur, and sinus problems?

I've had three of them, and they've all had this problem. I haven't yet encountered it in a pure-black cat, a black-and-white cow-patterned cat, or a tuxedo cat.

It may also be relevant that mine have all been male - and I've met a crapload of these guys at the shelter, but I think I've only ever encountered one female cat with this coloration pattern.

3) Are the bowtie-cats a particularly south-eastern US thing? Or even a rural-eastern-Kentucky-specifically thing? Because, as noted, I've encountered a lot of them here, but I don't see many photos of them on Tumblr, which is in charge of cat photos. Maybe some people just don't think they're pretty enough? Those people are douchebags.

4) Are brown tabby females without white stomachs but maybe with a little white mustache/goatee generally the longest-lived cats? Or are ours just special? We've had four, and they've all made it to 10+ years, despite being indoor/outdoor cats in a place with dangerous wildlife.

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