Nov. 29th, 2015 09:12 pm
[personal profile] snarp
The high school classmate I described in this post from 2010 is likely to be indicted soon over his involvement in a large-scale con which mainly victimized the extremely poor. His boss is in hiding with a few million bucks. My former classmate is still in rural Kentucky, in late November and while rumors of his prosecution swirl in the air with the dry brown leaves, suggesting that he is not personally in possession of a few million bucks.

It remains depressingly easy for me to picture him getting involved in this shit - he's like a chess piece, he's got a limited number of moves available to him. It's impossible to imagine a situation in which he would have either gone to the authorities, or joined in in a way that didn't make him the fall guy. He is frozen forever in time, fucking people over and then finding belatedly, to his own puzzlement and indignation, that he has somehow also fucked himself.

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