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Aug. 30th, 2016 12:00 am
[personal profile] umadoshi
Hold everything, there's a rom-com about the Obamas???? [dreamwidth.org profile] china_shop linked to the trailer, and it looks wonderful.

News from this post on Tori Amos' Facebook page: "Tori will be releasing a new song on 9/9 called #Flicker for the important Netflix documentary #AudrieandDaisy which will premiere on 9/23. The documentary follows two cases of teenage sexual assault and subsequent social media shaming that made national news. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of #Flicker will go to RAINN."

"'I've done really bad things': The undercover cop who abandoned the war on drugs: Neil Woods used to risk his life to catch drug dealers. But as gangs responded with escalating violence and intimidation – some even poisoning users who talked to the police – he started to see legalisation as the only solution". [The Guardian]

"14 Game-Changing Products For Anyone Who Sucks At Doing Their Nails". [Buzzfeed]

"How I’m Embracing Femme In A Disabled Body". [Kayla Whaley ([twitter.com profile] PunkinOnWheels) at The Establishment]

"I Looked at my Body and Said Yes: Where Disability and Style Meet". [Autostraddle]

"Artist Suffering From Anxiety Illustrates Mental Illnesses As Real Monsters".

"How Not To Be Afraid Of Driving". [Maggie Stiefvater at Jalopnik] "My inability to feel fear in a measurable way is now often mistaken for genuine competence, and as such, I frequently get asked probing questions by my youthful readers. Top billing goes to “how can I do what you do for a living?” followed by “have you been in jail?” but after that is “how can I be less afraid of driving?”"

"Watership Down and the Power of Not-Quite-Appropriate Children’s Books" [Slate]

"All Mixed Up: What Do We Call People Of Multiple Backgrounds? In a country where the share of multiracial children has multiplied tenfold in the past 50 years, it's a good time to take stock of our shared vocabulary when it comes to describing Americans like me." [NPR]

"‘Mosaic Sushi’ Trend From Japan Turns Lunch Into Edible Works Of Art".

On Atlas Obscura:

--"Six Scientists Just Emerged from a Dome After a Year Simulating Life on Mars".

--"Hold These Tiny Crime Scenes in the Palm of Your Hand".

--"The Olympic Committee Spent Years Concern-Trolling Women About 'Wandering Wombs'".

--"Soccer's Ultimate Con Man Was a Superstar Who Couldn't Play the Game".

--"I Made a Shipwreck Expert Watch The Little Mermaid And Judge Its Nautical Merits".

--"Will We Ever Know Who Staged This Mysterious Moon Ballet?"

forgot to post this morning

Aug. 29th, 2016 10:39 pm
[personal profile] synecdochic
Every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)

Scanlations: Yasha ch. 47

Aug. 29th, 2016 06:40 pm
[personal profile] torachan

Title: Yasha
Author: Yoshida Akimi
Publisher: Flower Comics
Genre: Shoujo
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Molly
Status in Japan: 12 volumes, complete
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Twelve-year-old Sei lives a normal, quiet life on a small island in Okinawa until one day a strange man who seems to know his mother shows up and tries to kidnap him. After that, nothing is normal or quiet in this sci-fi thriller from the author of Banana Fish.

Chapter Summary: Unconvinced by Rin's story, Sing Soo-Ling arranges a meeting with Sei.

Chapter 47
[personal profile] james_davis_nicoll

JM Schneider plant. ca. 1909-1914 Photograph by Norman Schneider (JM Schneider’s son).

[personal profile] torachan

Title: Koi-iji: Love Glutton
Original Title: こいいじ (Koiiji)
Author: Shimura Takako
Publisher: Kiss
Genre: Josei
Status in Japan: 4 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Migeru
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: 31-year-old Mame has been in love with her childhood friend Souta ever since she can remember. Despite multiple rejections, her love has stayed constant. It's become a habit more than anything, but is it one she'll ever be able to break and get on with her life?

Chapter Summary: Mame is not used to having feelings for someone other than Souta.

Chapter 8: When Harry Met Sally

Aug. 29th, 2016 02:09 pm
[personal profile] the_rck
I’ve done laundry (it’s in the dryer, at least) and gotten a start on changing our sheets. I got enough done with the sheets that it shouldn’t take long to finish. I just need to find some oomph from somewhere. I’m not sure why putting pillows in pillowcases is so very, very hard. I kind of want a nap just from what I’ve done so far, but I really can’t do that comfortably until I finish putting the bed back together.

I’ve written about 500 words on the pinch hit. I told the moderator that I would like to keep it because I’m pleased with the story that’s taking form in my head. I’m not sure how long it will end up being, but I think it will be at least 4000 words. I’m hoping not to go over 5000, but who knows? As long as it gets done.

I’m holding off on the Amber AU fic right now because I think I need a little distance to spot where I need to start cutting things. Nothing there is actually out and out obviously wrong, but it may not belong where it is or be necessary to explicitly put in the text at all.

The phone in the basement is still working, and it’s been ringing on and off this morning. At least one call was likely the pharmacy saying that my prescriptions are ready, but I haven’t wanted to try to rush down the stairs to get the phone when it’s either that or spam.

Aug. 29th, 2016 08:35 am
[personal profile] the_rck
We ended up going out for dinner last night. We tried the new place near us. I don’t think we’ll go back. The food was excellent, but the prices were high and the portions tiny. The assumption is that a single person will buy two or even three dishes that cost between $10 and $20 each. Scott got lamb meatballs. There were four of them with a fancy sauce and crushed hazelnuts and nothing else. I had salmon pate with four tiny bits of bread. There was a lot more pate than I could fit on those. That was $13. Cordelia had a fancy omelette with goat cheese. She wasn’t impressed. She ate it all, but she wasn’t pleased. I’m not sure how much that cost.

I think it’s a restaurant that might do well in downtown Ann Arbor or in a different neighborhood, but this location is fairly far out from downtown and located right on the edge of the engineering campus. This is not a high end neighborhood, so they’re only going to do well if people come in from elsewhere. The other restaurants in the area are things like Subway and Panera and a low price Chinese delivery place (the only place I could order food on Christmas when I was stuck at home).

Service was middling. The waitress paid attention to allergies, but she also left us alone for quite a while before taking our orders. I think we waited ten to fifteen minutes for her to return to take our order. She also assured me that what I ordered would come out fast because I was getting very close to my 8:00 can’t eat more time, but my food came out more than ten minutes after Scott’s and more than five minutes after Cordelia’s. Also they were out of indoor seating, so we were outside. It was kind of unpleasant. I found the table unpleasant to touch but kept trying to rest my arm on it.

We ended up going by McDonald’s so that Scott could buy a sandwich. Cordelia felt she’d had adequate food, and it was late enough that I couldn’t eat anything else anyway.

We didn’t make it to the library before it closed, so I put a bunch of things in the outside dropbox. Either I’ll go in by bus in the next couple of days, or I’ll get Scott to drive me down there to pick up my hold.

The only solution Comcast could come up with for the tangle their system had made of our request for service was to cancel absolutely everything and start over. They said we should have service this evening some time. I’ll believe it when it happens.

I’m looking at my wishlist on Amazon, and there’s a book I put on my private list because it was out of print and far too expensive to consider buying, especially given that I haven’t read it before. (It wasn’t anywhere in our ILL system.) It was about $150 for a used paperback copy. Right now, there are three copies, from different sellers with good ratings, all priced between $15 and $22. That’s a lot of money for a new to me book by an author I don’t know much about, but it’s a lot less than it was. I don’t know. I don’t remember, at this point, where I saw the book recommended, so I can’t judge based on that.

I’m drinking chai with stevia this morning. I don’t know that that’s what I’ll do long term. If I want to, I’ll have to have Scott stop and buy more because I’ve only got three bags left. I need him to pick up a couple of prescriptions tonight anyway. There was something else— possibly more than one thing— I wanted from the store… What was it? Well, I’ve got a few hours to remember.

Daily Happiness

Aug. 29th, 2016 01:37 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. Day off tomorrow!

2. I had a long day at work today, but I got a lot of stuff done. And we finally got everything sorted to transfer a problem employee to another store, so I'm really glad about that.

3. Carla's mom seemed much improved by this evening and might be released tomorrow.

4. I've been getting some great shots of the kitties lately.

Either Begby is back

Aug. 28th, 2016 11:39 pm
[personal profile] james_davis_nicoll
Or chipmunks are just generally extremely aggressive. Poor squirrel.

PSA for Android players of Zen Koi

Aug. 28th, 2016 10:14 pm
[personal profile] kate_nepveu
If you're playing Zen Koi on Android and you're loss-averse, you need to separately back up your app data: while you can log into Google Play Games or Facebook, that doesn't sync your progress, and apparently the developer can't or won't transfer games between devices.

If your device isn't rooted, you'll want to use the Helium app (free, but you'll have to get the resulting files off your device by going into your file manager of choice and sharing them to email or the cloud; it will back up to cloud storage if you buy the app). This is a little fiddly to deal with, unfortunately; among other things, it requires you to hook your device back up to your computer whenever you restart Android. But it does work for Zen Koi--I tested it by transferring my game data from my tablet to my phone successfully.

Note: any app data backup, as far as I can tell, only works for data associated with the primary user of the Android device. If the game is being played on a restricted account or even a regular account that isn't the one that was originally set up, you can't get the data off.

(I have no idea what the situation on iOS is.)

Aug. 28th, 2016 10:12 pm
[personal profile] the_rck
I have two writing dilemmas. The first, I think I just need to sleep on because making decisions is beyond what I can do right this second. That’s about the pinch hit I signed up for. I had settled on a story idea and started research, but now the moderators tell me that someone else has offered for it. I had told them that my canon knowledge was not all that firm, and they’re giving me the option to keep the pinch hit or to pass it on. I’m torn because I have a story in my head now, not in detail but still there. If I don’t write it for this, I probably won’t write it at all. On the other hand, maybe I should pass the thing on to someone else who has a better grasp of canon. Would that be better for the recipient?

The second has to do with figuring out how to extricate myself from my Iddy Iddy Bang Bang story. The problem there is that I never had any sort of end/goal/direction in mind. I probably could keep writing forever with the characters having the sorts of conversations that I enjoy writing (and reading) but that will make most readers want to throw rocks at them to make them shut up and *do* something. There’re also some issues of consistency in characterization that I have no idea how to fix in the time I’ve got. I didn’t bother being too picky about it as I wrote because, well, this is the idfic equivalent of… I’m not sure what, actually. I was going to say an infodump, but that’s not it at all. But I just came out with whatever occurred to me in the moment. When a story’s only in my head, that doesn’t matter.

At any rate, I think that the central character question of the story is, ah, tangential to most of what I’ve written. There’s a good bit of porn, and it doesn’t actually connect very strongly to the decisions my POV character needs to make. It’s just there because I had fun writing it.

Babbling about an Amber AU fic. Darkish with non-specific references to bad things happening. A lot of noodling about characterization decisions. )
[personal profile] james_davis_nicoll
Just got FB friend request from someone claiming to be Stephanie Clarkson. Stephanie passed away in July. Complaint sent to FB but be aware.

Zen Koi

Aug. 28th, 2016 07:25 pm
[personal profile] chomiji

I got myself hooked on a mobile/phone game, Zen Koi. It's very pretty and relaxing.

Cut for screen shots )

Aug. 28th, 2016 04:44 pm
[personal profile] the_rck
Okay, I’ve been groggy all day, but I had eight ounces of orange juice with psyllium husks about an hour ago, and I’ve slowly started to feel better. I can’t have the psyllium within one hour, either direction, of taking medicine, though, so that’s not viable as an early morning thing.

Scott has been on the phone with Comcast for about three hours now. The difficulties getting our service going appear to be entirely bureaucratic and rather Catch-22 in nature. Scott’s talked to three or four different people without getting things sorted and is currently on hold. The impression I’m getting from listening is that the support people really don’t have any clue what to do with someone who’s trying to set up a bundled service.

Now Comcast is telling us that they thought we were at a different address (we’ve lived here for twenty years) and that we have a request for some sort of service on the outside line at this address. They also seem to have not closed our old account (which we asked them to do in June) even while they opened the new one, and the equipment got put on the old account and so couldn’t be activated under the new account.

We have an hour and a half left before the library closes. I have one hold to pick up, and it doesn’t expire until Wednesday, but I’d still like to get it today. We’ve got two DVD sets that must be returned before the library opens tomorrow, but that’s easy to do even after the library closes.

An (Almost) Surprise Visit!

Aug. 28th, 2016 03:13 pm
[personal profile] chomiji

So, yeah, I'm kind of forgetting how to LJ/DW. Like, that I should post things that might be of interest to my circle/friendlist.

[livejournal.com profile] lady_ganesh and her daughter came to visit me and The Mr. as part of a trip to tour the DC/Baltimore area. Mostly we showed off our town, [the People's Republic of] Takoma Park.

I had intended eating dinner in town as part of the total Tacky Park experience, but The Mr. wooed our visitors away from the hyper-local joints in favor of A & J, a favorite of his (and mine, too) up in Rockville, the county seat: about a 25-minute drive. This is a place that serves authentic northern Chines dim sum: lots of noodle dishes (including ones with wonderful housemade noodles) and none of the bready buns that most people associate with dim sum. They also (obviously) serve dim sum in the evening, unlike most places in the area.

It was a lovely visit.

Aug. 28th, 2016 11:03 am
[personal profile] the_rck
Ugh. Coffee with whole milk and stevia is pretty disgusting. Neither the milk nor the stevia mellow the coffee anywhere near enough, and the stevia adds an extra layer of ick on top— I had a swallow of coffee more than five minutes ago, and I can still taste the stevia. I haven’t managed to choke down even a quarter of my cup, and it’s been an hour.

I have no idea what other options I have for getting this much caffeine without sugar or artificial sweeteners (pure stevia is the only one I can have). Black tea might be possible, but I’d need a heck of a lot more of that to get the same level of caffeination. At half an hour a mug, how much time would I need for that? I’m also suspicious that caffeine without sugar won’t do anything to help me wake up and think.

The last time I stopped caffeine was right after my gall bladder surgery, six or seven years ago. I did that deliberately because I was pretty sure that I’d be too out of it to notice the withdrawal headache, and that worked. The thing is that without drinking coffee (with sugar!) every morning, I ended up having to nap every morning, losing about three hours out of my day every single day and running into problems with doctor/dentist appointments because the best time to schedule them was late morning, at least in terms of getting home in time to pick Cordelia up from school. I also didn’t do very much writing because school day mornings are the best time for that. Afternoons involve lunch and exercise time and are generally broken up into pieces too small for me to use. Also Cordelia comes home an hour earlier now than she did then.

Right now, I’m wondering if I could manage being awake and doing things in between when Scott gets up and when Cordelia leaves for school and then nap because I’m pretty sure the fact that I seldom get much sleep during those three hours is a big factor in my needing either coffee or a nap. The biggest problem is that I’d be stuck in the bedroom for most of that time because Scott naps in the living room and because Cordelia really, really doesn’t want me awake while she’s getting ready for school. I think we could compromise in terms of me being awake as long as I keep the bedroom door closed.

Tumblr sent me a we’re about to give away your user name email to get me to log in. I debated whether or not to bother but ended up doing it just to keep my user name. I don’t know that this will make me visit Tumblr with any regularity because I find it overwhelming. I’ve thought about trying to disable the images there, but if I do that, is there any point in Tumblr at all?

We turned up the ceiling fan in the bedroom last night. That helped some but not as much as I’d hoped. I slept middling well. I’m still really exhausted (and the lack of coffee/sugar isn’t helping). I think that I’m going to have to push for changing the AC at night.

Cordelia spent most of yesterday with Scott’s family. They didn’t end up going out in the boat because it rained, but they played a lot of Telestrations and some card games and had dinner. Scott and I met his sister in Brighton to retrieve Cordelia and bring her home.

Daily Happiness

Aug. 28th, 2016 01:23 am
[personal profile] torachan
1. The fans in our walk-in freezer at work stopped working, so it wasn't staying cold. When we called the refrigeration company, they said they could send someone out today, but no one came and no one came and finally it was getting close to eight and we close at nine, so I called them again and they said the guy was finishing up another job and it might be another two hours. D: So I went home quickly to feed the cats and then went back to work, expecting to be there until quite late, but the guy ended up getting there just a little after nine, and he was done by ten! (I had gone in this morning around eleven-ish, so that's still longer than I would have preferred to be at work, but better than I expected!)

2. I played a bunch more Luigi's Mansion this morning and tonight and am really liking it! I remember the original Luigi's Mansion being super short, so I hope it's a little longer than that, but if not, at least it was cheap.

3. I got some sweet kitties.

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