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I just had a semi-planned minor surgery and am presently still stoned and sore, so I if you are expecting communications from me please expect delays.

Cut for what the surgery was (and I am posting this here and not Tumblr because it's gross and Tumblr doesn't respect cuts).

I was having vagina pain and couldn't get a pelvic exam while conscious because it hurt too much, so they anesthetized me for it; my hymen turned out to be imperforate + unusually thick/tough so gynecologist clipped it off.

This was the srmi-expected part, she'd told me it was a possibility that that was the problem and I said "okay if it is just get rid of the thing I attach no spiritual significance to it" but I thought it was more likely just vaginismus, since it seemed like my previous gynecologists would've told me. Presently pretty pissed off at my previous gynecologists right now.

Edit: conversation just now.

Me: No! I'm not getting in that filthy jacuzzi, it's disgusting!

Dad: It's fine! I just cleaned it!

Mom: You know she's got some stitches up in there, right, dear?

Dad: EEEEEEEurgh no oh my god don't talk to me stop -

Me: I've got stitches in my vagina?

Dad: *is screaming*

Mom: Yes.
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That's pretty much gynecological malpractice from the previous ones! WTF!