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Snarp ([personal profile] snarp) wrote2011-03-22 02:10 am

My new unit of measurement.

There is a hornet as big as a brain tumor lurching around my room.

It's just spry enough that I don't think I can safely grab it with a towel. I can't use the vacuum without waking up the whole house. So I'm out here sitting on the couch glaring at everything.

I stuck a glass of apple cider vinegar in there and ran. Vinegar seems to work pretty well for drowning flies in the kitchen, but I have no idea whether bedroom hornets go in for the stuff. Maybe I should leave some beer by the door? Beer also works on the flies. I think it's too strong to get stuck in honey.

I don't know how the hell it got in there, I haven't had my windows open for days. I heard my cat doing something outside my door about half an hour ago - did she bring it to me? Is this some sort of challenge? You're such a stupid cat, I hate you.
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If you are squeamish about smushing it and it lands on a flattish surface, you can put a glass over it and slide a piece of card stock or cardboard between the surface and the glass and then carry them outside pressed together so that the hornet remains trapped in the glass with the card covering the open end (you must hold the card and the glass together or the hornet will escape), at which point you can either release it or leave it to die under the glass.
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Yay kitty!

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I really enjoyed the end to this story (as seen in the next post). I can't decide if it's appropriate or anticlimactic.

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