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1) I am already terrified of the new Minecraft mob Notch describes in this post, and he didn't even include any pictures of it.

2) I started playing Dwarf Fortress, probably because of some sin I committed in a previous life. Maybe I was a cormorant fisher. I'm already on my third fortress. On the first one I lost two dwarves almost immediately to mobs I was never actually able to identify. On the second my water sources all froze, I couldn't figure out how to melt them, and my dwarves started dying of thirst because I didn't have enough alcohol to get them through the winter. I might run out of food on the current one. I don't have enough seeds, I think because I forgot to tell the chef-dwarf that it wasn't okay to cook them. Man, dwarves are jerks.

3) Boatmurdered is pretty hilarious.
The one I discussed here. The names aren't random; players can name the animals once they learn a certain skill. I thought there was a pool because I kept seeing patterns in the names. Apparently this was the result of people going on thematic naming rampages.

For some strange reason, upon figuring this out I renamed a streetful of animals "Dave."
I've been wasting a lot of time playing the beta of this browser MMO called Glitch. It's basically an MMO platformer with resource-gathering and crafting, but the art's very good and the dialog's funny.

They have apparently used some of their seed money to hire actual writers, a move which certain better-funded, orc-related MMOs might do well to imitate. I can't tell at this point if there'll ever be anything resembling a plot. There's some world-building in place that's so far pretty thin, but it's still embarrassingly more interesting than that of several fantasy novels I've read recently, given the number of fart jokes they come out with.

There are also a lot of pop culture references. Here's an out-of-context screenshot demonstrating:

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